M8 Box update

New to this, I would like to update my old M8 box which has an old version on and running on Open Elec, could someone please direct me or advise how I can instal a new version on to this box.
Much appreciated

I was looking at this, I am not sure the download link is correct. At the top of the page, go to downloads. https://coreelec.org/#download

from the stable builds, go to the drop down to select your device, download img.gz. you should see the dtb file you need for your particular device.
Create image, with rufus or etcher, this will show a folder with the device trees, copy the device tree for your device, to the root, rename to dtb.img.

then follow above instructions, to boot sdcard or usb.

once the initial setup is done with a usb keyboard, your remote will not work. search the forum to tell you how to get it working.

I believe that the link provided is appropriate for someone that needs to ask how to install CoreElec, since it lists only the latest stable release. Far better to start with a stable release and upgrade later, via the Releases category of this forum (walk before you
attempt to run, so to speak) :wink:

M8(I believe) is a box with a S802 cpu. Coreelec is for S905 so not compatible.


The link in the guide, points to a few devices. I would have thought the other place I said to download the image, would be better because it has a list of images for named devices.

Although perhaps I should have said use the stable images.

The link https://github.com/CoreELEC/CoreELEC/releases/tag/9.2.1 only shows stable images for Odroid, Le Potato & Generic

As previously stated, the link provided lists only the latest stable release image (for each of the supported box variations). It is therefore most suitable for those that need to ask how to install CoreElec. In this particular instance, as @tico has said