Magicsee N6 Plus/X99 Max?

2 relatively new boxes with S922x. Are these supported by CE and has anyone used them? Couldn’t find any info here (there are posts on N5) or in google.

N6 Plus
also in Amazon US store which is very good

X99 Max
$99 for 4/128 - at least it has cooling vents
is this made by same company as X88 King?

You opened another thread asking for information on Chinese hardware which you can find posts and threads with the search function.

No posting links for an endorsement of a shopping site.

Sorry, I didn’t know posting links isnt allowed. I did it to allow people to see the device in question without needing to search.

I didn’t find any info on these using search. And I did edit my previous thread but received no replies after days so I started a new one. Again, sorry if thats against rules.

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