MCE Remote Power Button

Good morning,

I use a Dell MCE Remote, and have the receiver plugged in via USB on our S912 box.

I’ve got this line hashed out on rc_maps.cfg so the onboard IR doesnt pickup the commands, otherwise both IR receivers can clash with each other).

#* rc-rc6-mce libreelec_multi

Anyway, our little one year old boy now has a habit of pressing all the buttons on the remote, one of them being the power button. This turns off the S912 box altogether and to power it back on you have to pull the power and plug it back in.

How would I go about disabling this power button? or at least having Kodi prompt with the Power Menu?

I’ve tried keymap editor addon and found the Global Menu Item but as soon as I press the power button to try and map that button, the box then powers down!

Can anyone help?

My current gen.xml located within UserData\keymaps from the KeyMap Editor is as follows, as I do have some custom button mappings already for our remote.

<keymap><global><keyboard><key id="229">activatewindow(tvguide)</key><key id="251">fullscreen</key><key id="24">activatewindow(radioguide)</key></keyboard></global><fullscreenlivetv><keyboard><key id="37">activatewindow(home)</key><key id="247">codecinfo</key></keyboard></fullscreenlivetv><fullscreenvideo><keyboard><key id="37">activatewindow(home)</key><key id="247">codecinfo</key></keyboard></fullscreenvideo></keymap>

Just wanted to bump this if anyone had any ideas?

Try this: Disable Power Button

I think you can use Noop instead of ActivateWindow to disable button completely.

Did you try to couple a completely different (bogus) IR code to the power command in a rc_keymaps file?