MCE remote wakeup on Generic S905W

Is it possible to use config.ini on generic S905W?

adamg said that it only works with dev boards

I would like to turn on the box with MCE RC6 remote. I got the remotewakeup=‘0x800f040c’ code using ir-keytable -u

Does anyone has any tips on how to enable config.ini on generic X905W devices and to recompile the image?

I have read through and I’m guessing that i need to update projects/Amlogic/linux/linux.aarch64.conf Disable splashscreen, enable detailed boot console

Thank you

It’s not possible with vendor u-boot.

Which part? Enable Config.ini or updating projects/Amlogic/linux/linux.aarch64.conf? My guess is both…

How about updating CONFIG_IR_REMOTE_POWER_UP_KEY_VAL4 in ?

Or am I completely on the wrong track?

Thank you

Right now it’s not possible. I work on a solution for this. But first g12a/b, GXL/GXM, gxb,…

If you don’t mind me asking what kind of solution? Would there be a possibility to add our own IR_REMOTE_POWER_UP_KEY or something similar?

Thank you

Yes, full support for config.ini. it’s already a undocumented part of the Beelink GT King.
When I finished the implementation I will write a how-to.

Thank you so much. I have a spare X96 Mini if you need some tests done on a Generic S905W. I don’t mind bricking one for testing…