Mecool m8s plus dvb


S905D, 1GB RAM DDR3, 8GB eMMC, DVB-T/T2, no microSD slot, only 2 USB ports.
I use USB for boot CoreELEC.
What dtb.img working right?
I try use gxl_p231_1g_dvb, gxl_p212_1g_g9sx
Android 7.1.2 in box say something about p21x (?!?)
But WiFi (SCi S9082C) not working in CoreELEC 8.95.1


Wifi will not work with this device as there is no open source driver for S9082C.

You can use either Ethernet or a USB WiFi adapter.


I found something that works
Wirelles menu in CoreELEC setup enabled. Find wlan0 and wlan1 in ifconfig. But not found any WiFi SSID and can’t connect.
And second question is drivers for AVL6762 DVB-T/T2. TVHeadend does not display this adapter.


This has been covered already, multiple times. We don’t have a source for that Wifi chip, no source code = no driver.
That precompiled module doesn’t work in CE, and therefore it was removed.


Thank You for informations. Ethernet and WiFi dongle works fine.
And AVL6762 for example with TVHeadend?


I can’t answer that. Try the search function in the forum.
But if it’s not working, then there’s probably no driver for the chip in CE either.


AVL6762 is unsupported.


HI dear, i cannot install this firmware on my m8s plus dvb. i have burn the img file with win32 disk image and put usb in the usb and press reset button and pluged the power.
but nothing…
help me with a guide… thanks


@antrace82 did you copy and rename the DTB?


You have to use gxl_p231_1g_m8s_dvb.dtb. Unsupported wifi, bt and install to internal nand flash. DVB-T2/C supported only in dvb-latest-drivers addon.