Mecool s912 Box?

i created the bootable USB for my box that has no reset. i followed the directions, i downloaded the terminal apk. typed reboot update. the box reboots to TWRP screen, what am i missing i want to install to the nand right from the usb? but its booting to the TWRP screen?

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The device will normally boot off an sd card. I have had little luck with USB and generally find only one of the sockets if any can be used for booting. Also you did copy the appropriate dtb.img file into the card root.

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i have the Mecool m8s Pro L box currently running the Magendanz nexus rom. i wanted to try the CoreELEC on the box, but i must be doing something wrong as i can’t get it to work. i downloaded CoreELEC-S912.arm-8.95.6-S912 then used Win32DiskImager to write the image to the usb flash drive. after it was done i put the “gxm_q201_3g.dts” dtb.img in the root of the usb flash. i launched terminal emulator, typed reboot update. the box reboots to the TWRP screen instead of the CoreELEC. i would like to write this image to the nand like i did when i was running LibreELEC. any idea what I am doing wrong? any feedback would be great!

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Make sure that the DTB file you selected is renamed to dtb.img on the root of the CE drive.
Try using:

  • A different USB port on the box.
  • Rufus instead of Win32DiskImager.
  • A different USB drive.
  • Try a microSD card instead of a USB drive.

can you provide a link to a microSD that i can go pickup from Walmart, Target or BestBuy. i will go try that.

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@LilSnoop40 I find SanDisk to be more reliable. Go with either the SanDisk Ultra or Ultra Plus microSD depending on availability. A 16GB should be around $6 at walmart / target . check the flyers sometimes you can get the 32GB card for under $10 as well. You really don’t need more then 8GB but when you look at the price difference between 8/16/32 it can sometimes be cheaper to buy the larger capacity card.

would this work:

Thank you

that was the problem, starting up. to do the nand flash then i ssh into and run installtointernal?

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I run mostly on sd cards I have set up about 20 boxes I don’t find a great improvement in speed by using the internal Nand over a good Micro SD card. In the early days of class 4 the improvement was more noticeable. Unless you have a compelling reason to run on internal I would stick to not doing so.

Be aware of the following when installing to internal.

i will have some questions about how to configure the audio and what not as i saw some settings that weren’t there before. is there a page that would tell me the preferred way to set them up? second i noticed when the box boots up i see the Nexus logo/words then the CoreELEC logo. any ideas why i am seeing the Nexus logo?

can’t wait to try this out tomorrow.

Thank you!