Meelo UNO DVB-T2/S2 S905

Hi community,

kindly asking for your help to get a correct device tree for the following device:
Meelo UNO S905 with DVB-T2/S2 tuner

CPU: S905
eth: 100mbit

Tuners: Availink AVL6862TA | Rafael Micro R912

Many thanks


Try gxbb_p200_k1_plus.dtb

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Wonderful, thank you so much. Device is running, tuners are tuning, so far no problems detected.

Thanks again, really appreciate your help.



Maybe a good idea would be to add the device to the device list now?


If anyone is thinking of buying one of these for using it as a dual tuner it isn’t. The tuner only has one front end you can use either DVB-S/2 or DVB-T/2 but you cant use both at the same time. I bought it to replace my box and two XBOX tuners only to find I can only use one mux at a time.

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Hola afl1, me podrias explicar un poco los pasos y versiones para intentar lo? Tmb tengo el meelo uno 2 y no tengo ****, de que arranque con coreeles

Hi, afl1 isn’t around and this is an english only forum. Please try the dtb afl1 mentioned above, the one for the k1 plus.

Hola yo tampoco soy capaz de instalar coreelec en meelo + uno2, puedes dar mas información? Ademas e probado varios firmware android de los suyos y varios de k1+ con datos inteligente que en KII PRO van bien y en meelo uno2 me sale Mezclar canal, alguna solución? Gracias

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