Microsoft Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

Now we can buy an excellent DVB-T/T2/C tuner for 10€ (tuner Panasonic MN88472). It works very well and without reception errors, tested on TV Box S912.

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I have a couple of them they word well other than for com7/8 muxes on the Winterhill transmitter in the UK. They are the ones that have a mixture of hd/sd channels on the same mux. If you record say BBC News HD its fine if you try to watch it live you either get no picture or no audio. I now only use these as a secondary tuner. I suppose I could set up two networks and assign disable those two muxes for the network that is attached to the xbox tuner.

Thanks for the info, ffmon. I’m on Emley Moor and was wondering why I was having trouble with com8 channels playing audio only. On occasion, I’ve found that I can get it to play sound and vision together but the affected channels soon revert to audio only. Fortunately, these are fringe channels I’d rarely watch.

I am hoping when the switch over is complete things mite improve although in the NW com7/8 is not due to move. I think its something to do with there being a mix of HD and SD on the same mux but have no way of proving it. It could also be due to transmission power the other muxes are transmitted at higher power 170KW vs 51KW. I doubt it because I have tried various tv amps with no success.

I’ve been using 2 of them on both S912 and S905X2 boxes and they work very well.

I too have the same com7/8 mux issues from the Sutton Coldfield transmitter, which I also had to setup manually to see the channels, even though all I get is a no signal error.

The Xbox one tuners are fantastic value and both of mine cost a tenner in total.

If Microsoft had provided Windows drivers then they would not be able to manufacture them fast enough.

Actually I think they are old stock they are getting rid of. From what I remember they were supposed to turn the X-Box into a PVR they then decided not to do recording because of copyright issues. So nobody wanted to buy them (for use with X-box anyhow). I could be wrong but that’s what I remember the story was.