Migrate from libreelec (new setup)

I want to start new with coreelec and want to be prepared before waisting hours, what may have been some clicks. I’m sure it’s easy to answer for you :slight_smile:

Current setup: libreelec on an old x86 device, local media
New setup (idea): odroid C4 with coreelec. Media on (other) old x86 system, running jellyfin.

Is this reasonable? If I export the NFO to the folders, I should be able to scrape most of it?
PS: sound card recommendations for odroid? Optical out would be nice as option

CE is built for AMLogic CPUs and will not work on x86 devices.

If you use the jellyfin Kodi addon you can easily import the metadata from your server.

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You should certainly read the whole post with understanding, especially the part “New setup (idea): odroid C4 with coreelec” before writing nonsense.

FYI, Odroid C4 is an Amlogic device with CPU (Amlogic S905X3), so CoreElec can be installed on it and works very good on this device.

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C4 does not have optical output onboard. So you will need an adapter board placed on the gpio header.

You might have a look here: Best device for Coreelec in 2022/2023

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A backup of previously settings (x86-x64) restored on top of a new CE install on HKOC4 should work (with some settings build from the scratch - addons). Avoid using power hungry skins - arm procs are big little arch. - stay on estuary for compatibility.

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