Minix U22-XJ (Max)

Minix has launched a new product based on the latest Amlogic chipset the S922X.

Our team received early samples of this device prior to it’s launch in the hope of being able to fully support it at it’s time of launch.

This device is built just as well as all previous Minix devices in that it’s built with premium components unlike some of their competitions Minix has opted to use Samsung branded RAM and eMMC rather than the usual no-name or recycled chips that we see in most devices, there is also a Broadcom based WiFi/BT adaptor which is well supported and a huge heatsink to keep the device nice and cool, all of which make this device one of the best available.

I just wrote in their forum. They closed the thread where you was questioning about this issue. It seems they’ve no intention to collaborate.
My voice was here. To other users please write you too.

Well, they just deleted my post.

I just opened a new thread here, please write here:

playing the devils advocate here, but ma by they are aware of the problem and are busy with it and by the way… there is a pandemic going on in the world…

Do you have a reply from them? If there are any evidence they’re aware of the bug they can simply reply: “we known it, wait for an OTA”.
I’m italian, I know what is happening in the world, but what I can’t pass on is the less of cooperation.

I would suggest you read

The answer to this is buy a Nvidia Shield. They seem to be similar in price.

@bubblegum57 I opened that thread. I was a Minix user from several years. But you’re right. Minix is closed any further with me.

There has been a few emails passed back and forth, we are still working with them to try and get the issue resolved because this is a great device and it would be a shame to write it off.

They are unwilling to share source code because of an NDA with Amlogic, however we only asked them for their specific changes and not the entire source which is entirely at their discretion and not covered by an NDA. We already have the entire Amlogic buildroot source code and so we only need to see their changes for the U22-XJ hardware, this would have enabled us to produce a patch that we could have sent to them to have this issue resolved in days rather than weeks or months.

This is very frustrating for us given that other vendors have been only to happy to work closely with us to better support their hardware, it benefits everybody when there is mutual co-operation.

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@anon88919003 I really appreciate your work and keeping up to solve the issue, but I think is really simply to answer in a public forum to coreelec users and simply state that Minix is working about it.
On the contrary, they keep to maintain the issue secret, perharps they think to loose customers.
On my side I simply decided to not buy any further Minix products. I can’t keep supporting a company which keep such details secret.
I was about to buy the U22 when I discovered this issue. They’ll not get my money.
Thanks again for your hard work.

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Me too, Minix U1, very good player, but went obsolete for heavy 4k stuff, got an Odroid N2…
I got the U1 also early and was bad in the beginning, but after say 4 a 5 firwareupdates its was de best player around.

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@glat don’t write them off just yet, compared to other S922X TV boxes the U22-XJ is up at the top in terms of components and build quality.

We just need to get this issue solved.

I totally agree with you though that closing the threads and any discussions of the problem is heavy handed and does not look good, let’s just hope it is solved sooner rather than later, they are aware of it now and we have told them how to fix it.

@anon88919003 Ok. I’ll stay at the river’s side… I’ll wait for any news on this great forum.
Keep up your great work!

There are other devices on the market that run the new “S922X-J” processor, and the internal components of the device are high-quality and support Coreelec

@Zuma if that is the UGOOS AM6+ then yes this device is on par with the U22-XJ and contains the same high end components and a nice heatsink. UGOOS also worked directly with us and sent us their device tree source to better support this device unlike Minix.

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Good News!
i think you need update info for " Supporters Coreelec" in main site

I don’t understand minix.
For me it is simple no support for Coreelec I won’t buy there new u22

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I’ve been waiting 2 years to buy another Minix…old U9 is just great but I want to update to HDMI 2.1 with CoreELEC-Kodi18.

I hoped it would be the U22 but not until it can load CoreELEC-Kodi. I’ll wait but may be forced to switch to MECOOL KM9.

Be careful when comparing Hardware Quality and Software Support.
The Mecool is not MiniX hardware quality.

You’re budget USD $169.90 for the U22 allows for a Quality Hardware and Software Product.

Vim3 Pro and Odroid N2 are a no brainer for your needs.

CoreELEC support has been added.
It will be included in our next NEO U22-XJ OTA firmware update.


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