Minix U22-XJ (Max)

Thanks for the update @Marty, this is very welcome news, updated first post.

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8core? 4+2

It’s an S922X 4 big cores 2 little cores.

That’s what I knew, but they write this: " Dual CPU 8Core Cortex A72+A53 " in description.

Who is “they”? They are lying.

they are


They are probably including the GPU cores into the count of total cores, which is BS in my book.

It could also be a typo… Who knows. It’s still wrong.
The S922X has 4x A73 cores and 2x A53 cores.

I think he is referring to the description on the Minix website below:

Dual CPU 8Core Cortex A72+A53, Mali G52 MP4 Graphics Processor.

I thought the Mali G52 MP4 has 4 cores, butI’m not sure.

It’s probably an honest mistake, I don’t believe there is any intention to mislead.

They only talks about booting from USB.
Is it possible to boot from the SD card?

Not on my example. It looks like a uSD card speed issue by the bootloader. Only with some tricks a boot is possible (open device for UART).
I just booted it once by uSD and installed CE to eMMC to be able to use the device for testing.
But now I have the problem to boot it again from uSD to remove CE from eMMC for the ota update…

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I’ve tried the CoreELEC from USB 3.0 port, but unfortunately the LAN is not working, does not assign the IP address. The Wifi and the BT are works.

Sorry, it´s a nightmare.

What do you mean?

I mean many people are talking You need fast emmc, or fast SD or fast anything.
Some people reading this and have no more sleep.
USB or SD will be fast enough

Maybe but on my box I have only usb 2.0 and it boots and works faster from SD card

Your question was about USB3
If booting time is about 20 or 30 sec, it does not matter

Depends mainly on the type of the uSD card used, some are slower and some (more expensive) are faster.
But it’s not only the card that will define speed, it also depends on uSD port/interface/driver combo, so no definitive answer which is faster.
On my N2 USB3.0 is faster than class 10 uSD cards, but eMMC blows them both…

Probably emmc is faster but with many boxes it is only possible from SD / USB if you want to keep android fimewire