Missing partition 'super' on eMMC

Hello everyone, I am very glad to communicate with you here. There is a problem that I have not been able to understand, that is, I installed an image of coreelec21 version of aarch64 in the nightly edition, and the error reported into the system is shown in the figure. I hope you know, could you please tell me whether this is caused by the 32-bit system of Android system or what causes it? thank you.

Reinstall android back to box and then repeat CE installation.

Thank you. I have confirmed that the Android system I am using does not have super partition, so there is a problem. I think the error will still be reported even if I reinstall it, so I will use version 20 in the future, wasting my -j cpu. Thank you again for your help. Thank you very much.

There are other projects than stock images which include super partition.
What device is it?

Tencent Aurora 4 pro, made in China.

Can you restore the factory Settings to solve the problem of my missing super partition.

According to the Log you provided here, you have S905X4 (Standard, no licenses for Dolby)!

chip version = 32:B - 2:0

S905X4-J would be:

chip version = 32:B - 2:B

Therefore you will not loose anything if using non-DV versions of CE. Benefit for you, the non-DV does not need Super partition for DV blobs.

That’s weird. It’s a s905x4-j! And it’s Dolby certified!

Please share a Download link for Android IMG for your device.


This is update zip, only full image is useful.

Hello, @Portisch,I only have this card brush pack system mirror.The official does not provide img system image oh, that update.zip is actually a complete system Swiper bag, I asked the tech, they did not create a super partition, so there is a super partition error, the problem is that my device is indeed Dolby Vision certified, and the cpu with j. I want it to work perfectly. Thank you coreelec team.


cpu chip version in Android logs

We load some Android partitions to use some files from it (like dovi kernel module). If you don’t have this partition then those files are maybe in some other places. But we have no knowledge where.

I know, then you also said that Tencent Aurora 4pro can not use coreelec21 version of the firmware of ne.aarch64. Thank you coreelec team

Then start CE21 NE and enable terminal sharing

This way I can connect to your device and look around for files. Maybe we get it running anyway :smiley:

Hello,May I ask what information I need to provide you? This is my first time using it.

Just enable sharing as written in wiki - I will see when device will be ready to inspect.

[    1.140315@3]  [mmc_read_partition_tbl] mmc read partition OK!
[    1.140319@3]  add_emmc_partition
[    1.140447@3]  [mmcblk0p01]           bootloader  offset 0x000000000000, size 0x000000400000 
[    1.140529@3]  [mmcblk0p02]             reserved  offset 0x000002400000, size 0x000004000000 
[    1.140603@3]  [mmcblk0p03]                cache  offset 0x000006c00000, size 0x000000000000 
[    1.140679@3]  [mmcblk0p04]                  env  offset 0x000007400000, size 0x000000800000 
[    1.140753@3]  [mmcblk0p05]                  frp  offset 0x000008400000, size 0x000000200000 
[    1.140833@3]  [mmcblk0p06]              factory  offset 0x000008e00000, size 0x000000800000 
[    1.140907@3]  [mmcblk0p07]        vendor_boot_a  offset 0x000009e00000, size 0x000001800000 
[    1.140981@3]  [mmcblk0p08]        vendor_boot_b  offset 0x00000be00000, size 0x000001800000 
[    1.141054@3]  [mmcblk0p09]                  tee  offset 0x00000de00000, size 0x000002000000 
[    1.141126@3]  [mmcblk0p10]                 logo  offset 0x000010600000, size 0x000000800000 
[    1.141203@3]  [mmcblk0p11]                 misc  offset 0x000011600000, size 0x000000200000 
[    1.141279@3]  [mmcblk0p12]               dtbo_a  offset 0x000012000000, size 0x000000200000 
[    1.141352@3]  [mmcblk0p13]               dtbo_b  offset 0x000012a00000, size 0x000000200000 
[    1.141424@3]  [mmcblk0p14]             cri_data  offset 0x000013400000, size 0x000000800000 
[    1.141500@3]  [mmcblk0p15]                param  offset 0x000014400000, size 0x000001000000 
[    1.141595@3]  [mmcblk0p16]            odm_ext_a  offset 0x000015c00000, size 0x000001000000 
[    1.141669@3]  [mmcblk0p17]            odm_ext_b  offset 0x000017400000, size 0x000001000000 
[    1.141744@3]  [mmcblk0p18]                oem_a  offset 0x000018c00000, size 0x000002000000 
[    1.141813@3]  [mmcblk0p19]                oem_b  offset 0x00001b400000, size 0x000002000000 
[    1.141890@3]  [mmcblk0p20]               boot_a  offset 0x00001dc00000, size 0x000004000000 
[    1.141965@3]  [mmcblk0p21]               boot_b  offset 0x000022400000, size 0x000004000000 
[    1.142042@3]  [mmcblk0p22]                  rsv  offset 0x000026c00000, size 0x000001000000 
[    1.142132@3]  [mmcblk0p23]             metadata  offset 0x000028400000, size 0x000001000000 
[    1.142210@3]  [mmcblk0p24]             vbmeta_a  offset 0x000029c00000, size 0x000000200000 
[    1.142282@3]  [mmcblk0p25]             vbmeta_b  offset 0x00002a600000, size 0x000000200000 
[    1.142361@3]  [mmcblk0p26]      vbmeta_system_a  offset 0x00002b000000, size 0x000000200000 
[    1.142434@3]  [mmcblk0p27]      vbmeta_system_b  offset 0x00002ba00000, size 0x000000200000 
[    1.142506@3]  [mmcblk0p28]                **super**  offset 0x00002c400000, size 0x000070800000 
[    1.142581@3]  [mmcblk0p29]             userdata  offset 0x00009d400000, size 0x000df2400000 

I’m not sure if you ever uploaded any logs so it is impossible to say what is going on.

In SSH terminal after fresh boot

journalctl -l | paste