Multi-channel Audio Issues over HDMI

I have a GT King Pro connected via HDMI to a Pioneer AVR. My music files are all FLAC, most are CD resolution, some are HD (96Khz/192Khz, 24-bit), some are multichannel 48Khz/96Khz 4.0/5.1 etc

I have the audio output device set to ASLA:AML-AUGESOUND, HDMI Multi Ch PCM

This has worked fine for all the file types listed above until 9.2.3 after which point all releases including 19.0 seem to have introduced a bug whereby all audio files except multi-channel PCM drop one second of audio every 33 seconds - it’s very regular!

I can cure this behaviour by setting the audio output device to ALSA: AML-AUGESOUND, HDMI after which all audio files play fine expect for the multi-channel ones which now play as 2.0 but at very slow speed!

Not sure what changed to introduce this bug but it was ok in 9.2.3 and broken from 9.2.4 onwards, including 19.0


Change your GUI to 1080p. I have the exact same issue because I used 4K. I asked Josh because he was the one making the LPCM changes and he is looking into it.

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