My experience with BQeel Y8 Max (S905X3 4GB 64GB Gigabit)

Hello dear all

Just to share my experience with the BQeel Y8 Max (S905X3 4GB 64GB Gigabit) :disappointed_relieved:
I hope helping others to shorten time to get it running

I donwloaded the generic NG image.
Used Rufus to write it to a U1 SD Card.
Copied the file sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit.dtb as dtb.img from device_trees folder to root of the sdcard.
I needed the picktooth trick to boot the sdcard.

Boot is long the first time.
No remote control after boot.
Used a usb keyboard and mouse to enable wireless, ssh and samba to configure further the box.

Used “bqeel_y8_max” from this forum.
“bqeel_y8_max” file to /storage/.config/rc_keymap/ folder
I created a rc_maps.cfg inside /storage/.config folder containing simply “meson-ir * bqeel_y8_max”
Reboot and remote control started working.

Then I noticed that power off using remote leave the box in an eternal sleeping mode.
So I patched the firmware from coreelec menu for “inject BL301 blob”. Select HardKernel.
You must also edit config.ini in flash to set the custom power code for remote wake up.
Now the box is powered on and off using the IR remote.

Check (Diag log where you see my rc_keymap and the remote power code)

Note that for me Bluetooth was operational out of the box.

All this was achieved with help from this forum … A little search and you will find everything :grinning:

So a great thank you to all the people involved in this amazing project :two_hearts: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

For the VFD, install openVFD addon, I added the latest.
And create the /storage/.config/vfd.conf using data from
Reboot and you are done.

EDIT: Following VFD my wifi doesn’t get anymore IP address from my dhcp
I setup a manual IP to be able to work … opening an incident in the forum … To follow

EDIT2: ceemmc -x works fine if you install only kodi. Not enough memory to dual boot.

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