N2+ Fresh install issues


My fresh CoreElec install on N2+ is incredibly slow in some instances. Mainly painful is searching/loading lists in TheMovieDb Helper or similar addons. It takes more than 15 seconds! Internet is not a problem I have 1Gbit fiber optics. My father’s x96 is way faster.
Could the SD card be a problem? It is Class 10, it has 8 years, but it was used for only 2/3 years in phone. Rest of the lifetime it spend in drawer.
Is there some easy way to tell if SD card needs replacement?
Or should I try another fresh install?

Also CEC is not working, it is enabled in Kodi and also LG’s Simplink is enabled.
Thank you

Buy a new card or eMMC modul, make a fresh install, configure CEC

SanDisk Ultra microSDHC 16GB A1 Class 10 UHS-I is good enough? Saw some people going for Extreme Pro…

CEC is working now…didnt do anything ::

Good enough if it’s new and you don’t have to play heavy bitrate Blu-ray rips. For that you need SD cards tested for video cameras. V30 like standard, 60 or 80 Mb/s write speed minimum.
Of course, I meant playing from the SD cards, if you are streaming locally from a Nas or pc, no need to worry.
Faster SD card it’s good when handling large libraries.

the best solution for me is SSD with usb-sata adapter.
I have used 2 pieces of n2 and 2 pieces of n2+ so far, I have been using it for 2 years. I’ve had no problems.
A 120gb ssd is almost the same price as a 16gb-32gb eMMC.

Could be best solution for You.
Best solution for most users should be eMMC or SD

Class 10 is the minimum requirement, however, faster is better in this case.

I’d go with Emmc, no issues here.

CEC stopped working again. Any suggestions?
It is weird. It was working when air mouse controller was plugged in, now it isn’t.

Yes, I already stated that for me.
i’m asking because i want to know, why isn’t ssd a good solution in general?

It is a “good solution in general” but not best :wink:
Attached devices are usually inferior to built_in or on_board ones.

in my experience ssd for n2 and n2+ is faster than all other options.
The biggest problem I have is the boot problem on some linux OSes. but I never had this problem in coreelec. I guess the usb-sata adapter changes a lot of good-bad experiences.

I’ve been using 3 different coreelecs on the same ssd for two years, which version is better and I try without any problems.

Got new Sandisk Ultra and N2 is blazing fast now. Thanks


Did you ever did the CEC issues, @matthew6870 ?

I’m on a fresh install on the card I got from odroid UK, and it never responds anymore.

Also, @istanbulls , I’ve tried searching, can you recommend a good USB 3 install guide for coreelec and the n2+ that is a web site, not a video? I would consider a £25 Kingston with a cheap adapter, of its simple enough to do!

Have you checked the CoreELEC Wiki?

Sometimes after I switch on the TV, CEC isn’t working. So I pick a phone and navigate in menu via Kore app, but in less than minute it fixes itself and I can use the TV’s remote again.

Don’t understand why but I got used to it.

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IR-Keytables is a far more reliable way of controlling your Kodi box, you can program just about any remote to work with it (including your TV remote though this creates a few issues with menu access) and it offers far richer functionality than CEC.

I have all my remotes programmed to work with all of my Kodi-boxes including the N2 - they are fully interchangable.


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Dear All,

I have now received my Odroid N2+ 4G with Wifi dongle and have followed the different steps:

  • update of Petitboot
  • install Android on eMMC

When the switch is on eMMC, it will boot normally on Android and it works fine (Wifi…) except no sound at all for the moment. :unamused:

I then burnt the CE image to an SD card (Sandisk Ultra) and inserted it, put on SPI and startup.
Petitboot did not show up and after some time the CE loading screen appeared and stayed for a quite a while (3-5min)
CoreElec starts and works fine excepted that Wifi is not detected, do you know why?

I try to Power off system, and it again stays very long time one the power off screen and eventually stops.
Is there something I did wrong or is this normal behavior?
I cannot understand why it is directly booting on CE and why loading times both at startup and shutdown can be so long.

Thanks for your support

Those sort of delays usually mean that the system is trying to obtain a IP address and it will wait for a set amount of time before giving up, since its not detecting the WIFI then it can’t get an IP. Try using a LAN cable for initial tests to see if it removes the delay - then you can sort out your WIFI issue.


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If you are able to boot, you can turn wait for network off in CoreELEC settings. That should speed up startup. From there you’ll have to start troubleshooting why your WiFi connection isn’t working.

Is the switch still set to SPI instead of MMC?

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