Need wifi network adapter suggestion, N2+

I purchased an Odroid N2+ from Ameridriod along with a wifi dongle. The dongle works, but is slow. I want to replace it with a USB 3.0 network adapter which has a decent gain antenna attached to it for better speed. I’m not sure which chipsets are supported and secondly, most of the adapters I look at online don’t actually list the chipsets.
Could anyone please provide

  1. a list of supported chipsets and
  2. a list of any actual usb 3 wifi adapters that you’ve tried and which work that have high gain antennas

BTW, I’m using v19.4.
Also, it would be nice if the suggested adapter(s) would work with v19.4 and with v9.x.

I forgot to state that my internet speed is 200 meg.

I used this one: TPLink Archer T3U Plus/RTL8822BU-aml only using USB 2.1 - #3 by hder

It’s got a nice long antenna but in my experience still limited to something like 150Mbps.

Would this be compatible? I am in the same boat and want a faster adapter.

USB WiFi 6 Adapter for PC, QGOO AX1800 USB 3.0 WiFi Dongle Dual Band 5Ghz/2.4Ghz High Gain Dual 5dBi Antennas 802.11ax MU-MIMO Wireless Network Adapter for PC Desktop Laptop Supports Windows 11/10/7 : Electronics (

Compatible with windows 11/10/8.1/8/7, Standards IEEE 802.11 ax/ac/a/b/g/n ( not recommended for Linux Mac system)

Did you have to compile the driver or were you just able to add the switch somewhere to force it into usb mode 3?