New landing page


During the last days we worked on a new landing page for CoreELEC.
The old one didn’t contain any real information and was initially meant as a temporary placeholder.
As we can see now, nothing is as stable as a makeshift.

Please take a look at the new landing page and let us know what you think about it.
Any suggestions are welcome.


This is my first post so hello everyone. Just to let you know that unfortunately link to download stable version is not working (404: not found error).


404 also seen

I find the text to be a little light against the background for comfort … makes it difficult to read.

Glad ye got time to deal with this. :wink:


The new landing page is a big improvement and feels as if it has some polish.

I agree with @JohnBoyz that the text is rather light and difficult to read. May I suggest that #101010 would be a good compromise.

I also get the 404 with the (stable) download link. This could be fixed by making redirect to

May I also suggest that the “Download” icon in the “Install Guide” links to the available downloads.

Overall, the new page contains a lot of useful information in a user-friendly format. It feels like a project that one would more readily download.


Thanks for your suggestions.
The “stable” link is fixed and the text colors are a bit darker, now.
Also the download icon is linked to the download section.


Glad you darkened the text. It has improved considerably for me … although TBH I would prefer it darker, but understand that is not the ‘modern way’ :smiley:


It’s nearly black, now.
I’ve changed it from #636363 to #101010.
I think, it’s a good compromise between “wow, this looks modern” and readability. :wink:


Nice work. Thanks. Not trying to get into politics, but would it make sense to link to LibreELEC and Kodi from the “About” section? Credit where credit is due and all that.


We are not allowed to advertise with Kodi. The title already says its a minor fork of LibreELEC although that’s no longer true. Unfortunately even after several attempts neither Team Kodi nor Team LibreELEC are interested in a collaboration.
We don’t wanna break Kodi Trademarks by linking to them.


Understood. Thanks.