NEW Repo for Remote files (Thanks to Betatester)

Thanks but where to copy those files?

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I made these file for my Harmony Elite on MINIX U-9H

Renamed to Harmony Elite (MINIX U-9H) & uploaded to dropbox


Hi d-vine

I try it but didn’t work for me.
Copy elite to /storage/.config/rc_keymaps
Copy rc_maps.cfg to /storage/.config
I reboot
I choose minix u9 on my harmony
but keys have no action

should be like this

  • Go to directory (from root) /etc/rc_keymaps
  • Put the files rc_maps.cfg and elite into this directory ( so both in rc_keymap)
  • Logon with Putty
CoreELEC:~ # systemctl stop kodi
CoreELEC:~ # systemctl stop eventlircd

CoreELEC:~ # r-keytable -a /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg -s rc0
Old keytable cleared
Wrote 27 keycode(s) to driver
CoreELEC:~ # systemctl start eventlircd
CoreELEC:~ # systemctl start kodi


MINIX forum

thanks d-vine it works.
it there a way to make the keys play, stop, forward,… working on the Logitech

Read these post

with putty
ir-keytable -t

you can press a button on romote and see the code.
insert this into the file or replace a code. repeat the activation procedure and you must be good to go

On MINIX forum I have example

Hi I have reposted the beelink_W95 as I had a moment when I posted the origonal and forgot to add the second (1003 Bytes)

does anyone know how to remove all the remote files and revert back to an original state without having to do a fresh install?

If you mean you have installed a file and now the built in ones are not working I just removed rc_maps.cfg you can remove the files you added from rc_keymaps folder.

Mecool m8s pro L box, i have tried a few of the remote configs and i can’t get any to work. i don’t think i am dong it wrong can someone advise. downloaded the,, mecool k1, and M8SPro+ i extracted the 2 files and placed in the folders then rebooted.

Thank you

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cancel this, i fixed this by doing thie cmd below

in putty: echo “meson-ir * mecool” > /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg

Thank you!

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Sir,I have a remote files .config of KI Plus box.
Please share it with anybody.
thank you.

download link :

done, but renamed to KI plus to avoid confusion with other files

Thank you so much.
Can you build a index for box’s name in your topic ?
It wounld help other people to find their box’s file so fast.

I’m not sure that an Index is really needed. There are only about 20 files.

Everyone should be able to access the folder

Note sure if anyone is interested in the old Nexbox A1, but I have a working rc_maps.cfg + rc_keymaps
I’m not allowed to upload files as a new user, so I’ll post the contents.
File “rc_maps.cfg”:

# Keymaps table
# This table creates an association between a keycode file and a kernel
# driver. It can be used to automatically override a keycode definition.
# Format:
#       driver - name of the driver provided via uevent - use * for any driver
#       table -  RC keymap table, provided via uevent - use * for any table
#       file - file name. If directory is not specified, it is first looked up
#               in /storage/.config/rc_keymaps, then /usr/lib/udev/rc_keymaps
# For example:
# driver        table           file
# gpio-rc-recv  rc-streamzap    streamzap
# gpio-rc-recv  *               justboom
# *             rc-rc6-mce      rc6_mce_new
# *             *               hauppauge_new
meson-ir        *               nexboxa1

File called “nexboxa1” placed in rc_keymaps :

# table nexboxa1, type: NEC
0xdf54 KEY_1
0xdf16 KEY_2
0xdf15 KEY_3
0xdf50 KEY_4
0xdf12 KEY_5
0xdf11 KEY_6
0xdf4c KEY_7
0xdf0e KEY_8
0xdf0d KEY_9
0xdf0c KEY_0
0xdf18 KEY_MENU
0xdf42 KEY_HOME
0xdf07 KEY_RIGHT
0xdf47 KEY_LEFT
0xdf1a KEY_UP
0xdf48 KEY_DOWN
0xdf06 KEY_ENTER
0xdff3 KEY_MUTE
0xdf0a KEY_BACK
0xdf03 KEY_INFO
0xdf1c KEY_POWER
0xdff2 KEY_EPG

Using CoreELEC-S912.arm-9.0-nightly_20190102-S912.img.gz
Edit: Now I can upload…here they are.
nexboxa1 (457 Bytes)
rc_maps.cfg (762 Bytes)

Thanks, Uploaded them

Hereis my combined remote file it does X96, W95, A95X and magicsee N5
combined (2.2 KB)
rc_maps.cfg (779 Bytes)

The keys for the magicsee N5 are

table magicsee N5, type: NEC

0x40404d KEY_POWER
0x404045 KEY_MENU
0x40401a KEY_HOME
0x40400b KEY_UP
0x404010 KEY_LEFT
0x40400d KEY_ENTER
0x404011 KEY_RIGHT
0x40400e KEY_DOWN
0x404042 KEY_BACK
0x404044 KEY_CONTEXT_MENU # mouse