Nexbox A5 1G black screen after CoreELEC Logo

i just want to update my old Nexbox A5 to 19.4 (it working with 9.2.8 without any Problem,

so i prepared ab USB Stick and a SD Card…

i choose the same dtb that i uses for 9.2.8…

it booting i see CoreELEC Logo… after that just “black screen” after a while it reboots…
and it repeats…

any idea? is the Nexbox A5 not compatible?

Same file or only same filename?

When it’s the device with S905X it should work with correct DTB. You can try edit config.ini and on the end uncomment the line coreelec= and modify it to coreelec='nopkmute debugging'. Then you might can see some prints on the screen and maybe the reason.

And such old devices do need minimum Android 7.1 installed!

I used the on from the new installation and renamed it to dtb.img

Mhh I got coreelec 9.2.8 on the internal MMC

I try it with the debug
Mhh I can find only Android 6…

Flash Android 7.1 image and try again, it should work than.

You could try alternative ROMS like ATV Experience, AidanTVROM etc. - search the forum and you’'l get some hints. Burn the ROM and keep only the bootloader for CE on internal instalation.

mhh i cant find a useable andorid image for me…

i will continue search…


Mhh i think I will give up.

I have no USB A to USB A cable to use usb burning tool…


USB 2.0 A Male to A Male cable 1.5 USD, cheap.

I try an older version where I can use SD card.
If not Use my PC with VLC

You don’t need one, use Amlogic Bootcard Maker instead

looks a little bit better…
now i see the Android Robot with a big red X


Done :slight_smile:
i flashed Aidans 9 Rom… after that i installed coreelec and copied it via ceemmc -x to internal :slight_smile:

thanks for help.


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