NFL Gamepass addon plays like fast forward

Hi guys,
first of all thank you for all your hard work.
I like CoreELEC and I use it on my Mini M8S II.

Despite the fact that I am italian, I am a huge NFL fan and a NFL gamepass subscriber.

Since 2021 season (which means from summer 2021) live streaming suffers of a fast forward issue look alike the one described in this topic:

Streaming relies on inputstreams adaptive addon.

Only live events are affected.
NFL gamepass offers a free subscription (for non US resident I think) with NFL network live stream where you can recreate the problem.

Neither Android nor PC versions of kodi 19.x are affected by the issue.

Here you can find the output of

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance,

PS: I disagree with the answer.
The same addon is working with KODI:

  1. on MIBOX4 running Android TV
  2. on a miniPC running LibreELEC 10.0.2 x86_64
  3. on a PC running windows 11
    From my point of view it is an issue of coreelec + inputstreams adaptive addon

But nonetheless thanks again for your continuous support of amlogic boxes.

Team CoreELEC does not maintain this 3rd party addon.

Please direct your inquiries to the maintainers of the addon.

I have noticed the same issue. This season however I cancled my subscription. The problem imo is the addon whuch seemed unsupported by the maintainer last I checked last year. I kept using the official NFL GP TV app which also sucks in some areas.

Like betatester said it’s best to contact the addon author. Also the S912 is obsolete hardware. It’s possible it’s a Amlogic issue (in kernel or our media center fork) but it would only be fixed on supported hardware and not on S912.