NG / NE / NO kernels

I know there are 3 different kernels with each catering for different SoC’s.
Is the plan to keep all 3 going?

As I understand it the plan is to eventually drop the 4.9 (ng) kernel and make the 5.15 (no) kernel leading. Seems there’s a way to go before that happens though

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Go to CoreELEC Wiki

Click on Development Status

Also great info there
Lots to read!!!

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I see this has been answered here:

Whenever the s905x5 SoC arrives, would it need a newer kernel for it to work?
If so, waiting for the new SoC with CE support might take a long time.

Each soc is a different challenge. The S905X5 is a “normal” soc so it’s usually easier to add support. But who knows?

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