Amlogic-no, New Order

Amlogic-no, New Order

Team CoreELEC is proud to present project Amlogic-no (New Order).

For months, the team has worked tirelessly to build an “almost finished” product, ready for the first public test release.

Team CoreELEC would like to thank all those who helped to get this project off the ground, no matter how small or large their contribution.

Special thanks go to Khadas for helping us with the implementation of the software support.

What is new?

  • New Order is based on Amlogic Vendor Kernel 5.15.78.

  • New Order will merge back some “missing” Amlogic platforms by Amlogic Vendor Kernel 5.4, Amlogic-ne.

  • Device support for New Order currently starts with G12A (S905X2) till T7 (A311D2).

  • Support for GXL (S905X) will be dropped by New Order.

The Kodi interface still uses the same Kodi Omega base as Amlogic-ne.

What will change?

  • There are no plans porting Kodi Nexus to Amlogic-no.

  • Starting with CoreELEC-22, and depending on how the new 5.15 kernel performs, sometime in the future support for kernel 4.9 and kernel 5.4 might be dropped entirely.

  • The part about CoreELEC-21 in Restructure of CoreELEC device structure will become obsolete.
    So all projects Amlogic-ng, Amlogic-ng-dv and Amlogic-ne will be maintained until the EOSD of CoreELEC-21.

What does not yet work?

  • Dolby Vision is not yet working because of the fact of a missing DV kernel module for kernel 5.15.

  • Not all Wifi chips are yet supported or might be not supported at all because of missing driver sources. If you have such device please follow this link and provide more information for getting support.


How to try it?

  • Please follow this link to the nightly builds. Download and install your matching image.

  • It’s highly recommend to make a new, fresh install of Amlogic-no! Preferred on a removable spare boot media to not interfere with current available installation. Just unplug current boot media and plug in new one with Amlogic-no.

Currently supported devices:

Supported Amlogic Device Family SoC
Generic G12A S905X2
Beelink GT1 Mini G12A S905X2
Beelink GT Mini A G12A S905X2
Generic G12A S905Y2
Radxa Zero G12A S905Y2
Khadas VIM3 G12B A311D
Radxa Zero 2 G12B A311D
Sinovoip Bananapi-M2S G12B A311D
Sinovoip Bananapi-M2S G12B S922X
Beelink GS King X G12B S922X
Beelink GT King G12B S922X
Minix U22-XJ G12B S922X
Odroid N2 G12B S922X
Ugoos AM6(b) G12B S922X
Generic S4 S905W2
Generic S4 S905Y4
Khadas VIM1S S4 S905Y4
BuzzTV HD5 S4 S905Y4
Generic SC2 S905X4
BuzzTV X5 64 AI / 128 AI SC2 S905X4
Homatics Box R 4K SC2 S905X4
Ugoos AM7 / X4 SC2 S905X4
Khadas VIM3L SM1 S905D3
Generic SM1 S905X3
Sinovoip Bananapi-M2 Pro SM1 S905X3
Sinovoip Bananapi-M5 SM1 S905X3
Beelink GT1 Mini 2 SM1 S905X3
Odroid C4 SM1 S905X3
Beelink GT King II T7 A311D2
Khadas VIM4 T7 A311D2

Where are the sources of Amlogic-no?

There are currently no sources public available. Amlogic-no is based on Amlogic Vendor Kernel 5.15.78.

We just received new sources with Amlogic Vendor Kernel 5.15.119. So it is quite useless to publish all the sources as they will be replaced shortly anyway. Some parts (drivers) are already online at CoreELEC Github.

If you do not agree with this fact please do not install Amlogic-no!

Updated from Kodi forum suggestion:
Sources will be offered to those who request as required by gpl but we suggest waiting until they are more stable and organized as it is currently under heavy development with daily breaking changes.

So please wait until project will become more mature and then we will all enjoye best media center ever.