Nightly_20200413 Auto Updates to Official 9.2.2


I keep auto updates enabled on my N2 because I strictly use Nightly versions. That said, a few days ago, my nightly version of N2 auto updated to Official 9.2.2.

Just a few minutes ago, I manually downloaded CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-nightly_20200413-Odroid_N2.img.gz from CoreElec’s website and moved it over the Update folder on my N2.

However, after 0413 nightly was successfully installed, it keeps auto updating to the Official 9.2.2. I had to put it on “Manual” mode to stop it from doing it.

Under CoreElec Update settings, Update channel is blank when I click on it, and it doesn’t provide anything to choose from. Available Versions also doesn’t work.

Am I doing something wrong?

Normal behaviour until nightlies resume.
In other words current 9.2.2 is the latest release from CE

Thank you for clearing that up. It is my first rodeó on version upgrades.

I’ll enable auto update and let it do its thing again then.

Considering that I am going to be running the Official version, will it auto update the next time a nightly is released or will I need to manually download it from the site?

That way, I’ll know to keep an eye out for it or not.

When the nightly builds resume you will have to manually update with a nightly build tar file to switch back to them, if you want to continue to use the nightly builds.

When there is a new stable build we update the existing nightly build users to stable. This is to help make sure that users that were only using the nightly build because the old stable build didn’t support their device, end up on a stable build, and don’t get sucked into the next round of development releases.

Understood. Thanks again for making it crystal clear.

I’ve manually updated to 20200415 nightly however CoreELEC is still downloading 9.2.2 stable and asking to upgrade.

I’m going to assume 0415 is still older than 9.2.2. But the pros can confirm that soon.

Be patient :grinning:

How can a nightly release on the 15 April be older than 9.2.2 that was released on 13 April…

That’s not how time works :laughing:

@Tim_Taylor Patients has nothing to do with it… If you’ve got nothing constructive to add to the discussion then please keep your comments to yourself.

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I can confirm this to be the case and are prompted to install stable 9.2.2 on every boot after updating to the latest nightly.

In the Updates section of the CE addon, I have noticed that whilst my previous settings for manual update and custom channel are the same, the update channel option list is blank, so perhaps an indication of where the issue may lie?

S905X3 users have never had a stable release so we left the update mechanism to push out 9.2.2 to nightly users to get as many of them moved over to the stable release as possible as not all users know how to do a manual update.

The last nightly only contains a USB fix for the N2, we will open nightlies back up in a week’s time.

Hello everyone,

just stay cool and relax.
First of all I would like to thank the CoreELEC team for their work.

I have always used the dev. imgage with one of my N2s and I am also impatient for the new dev. images. But please give the team time to make any necessary changes.

@anon88919003 :
It would be nice to use this thread to inform us about when new dev. images are available that do not require an update to the stable release.

Then everyone who wants a new dev. image to continue the development of CoreELEC can subscribe to this thread and wait patiently :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot and stay healthy.

Thank you for the clarification.

It’s not about trusting you, it’s about you posting comments that add nothing to the conversation.

cdu13a had posted, and I quote:-

I had downloaded the latest nightly and that wasn’t the case so all I did was post explaining this fact. You then told me for no reason to be patient… Patients had nothing to do with it, one of the CoreELEC team had just explained that updating with a nightly would switch back, therefore your post of be patient was meaningless and from my point of view rude.

And again I’m not insulting anybody, I’m simply asking you not to post comments that add nothing to the conversation.

I told to be patient, that means You have to wait a few days.
You told me to shut my mouth.
I hope everybody will shut his mouth if You ask any question

And again patients had nothing to do with it… I made a perfectly reasonable post explaining that what one the CoreELEC team had said hadn’t happened, I was in no way being impatient, I was simply making it known that the currently nightly was still downgrading to the stable version. Therefore telling me to be patient was a pointless post and to me quite rude.

Thank you.

Guy’s let’s all take a moment and cool it.
Language barriers and Keyboard posting can sometimes cause a comment to be misconstrued.