Nightly builds (NEW)

Is it understood yet why the Xbox One TV Tuner is not being recognised?

Yes and there’s work being done by the devs to address this issue. I think it will be solved in a short period of time.

Thanks for the clarification.

If you need an end user to test anything then I’m happy to assist.

Thanks - much appreciated!

thank you for all your hard work. I would like to share my thoughts.
I have been using CoreElec on Beelink GT King for a long time.
The serial number starts with B922. I use g12b_s922x_beelink_gt_king_rev_a.dtb up to version 9.2.1 without any problems.
When I try to upgrade to the new Nightly - regardless of the method - toothpick or using the .update folder with the tar file - the result is always Beelink logo / restart bootloop. I keep my fingers crossed for solving the problem. Regards JAM.

Please check your revision as explained in this link:

it is revision

CoreElec the best

@TheCoolest you have a GTK rev.A don’t you? Can you check the nightly and see if you have problems also.

Mine is a rev B. But I’ll try to update it later today to see if it still works right.

Who still has the rev.A to test then from our team?

Mine is still out on loan.


Yours was rev.B @Shoog

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What image I download for a S905X3?
NG? BTW NG meaning what? New generation?

290a serial here

It won’t be available until TOMORROW!

Amlogic-ng (Next generation)

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290a serial here too

Mine /proc/cpuinfo

Serial		: 290a…
model name	: Amlogic S922X rev a
Hardware	: Beelink GT-King
Revision	: 0400

Just applied the 20191217 update (rom 20191215) to my S905X2.(A95X Max)

The good news is that the Xbox TV Tuners are now being seen.

The bad news is that whatever I play, there is no video, only audio and this applies to streaming, local files and live TV.

I also note that whist anything is playing, every 6 seconds the seeking prompt pops up at the top of the screen for around 2 seconds before disappearing and the process repeating continually.