Nightly builds (NEW)

Is it really that problematic to reposition it again?
Make a backup of guisettings.xml then remove them and do some tests. If it’s still laggy at least you know that you don’t have to reposition them. If it helps it might be worth the work.

You can set the subtitle position to example “below video” under “Settings” -> “Player” -> “Language”. And it’s usually best to use external subtitle formats such as .srt. This way all my subtitles are always showing at the same position :+1:

Subtitle position

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What I meant by relative placement is that they could be set so that they always appear at the same height regardless of the output properties of the video. It’s a bit silly that for the same resolution, you have to set the subtitle position for each refresh rate separately. Of course, you only need to do it once but still…

I’ve now reset guisettings.xml and disabled GUI scaling, we’ll see how it works.

So far so good, looking better.

What I found out during setting things up is that a crash often occurs – or nothing happens when you click on a video to play – if you open a network folder and try to start playback while Kodi is scanning files for thumbnails etc.

Remember that the habit of making a backup before messing around with the system can save a many headaches.

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I’m unsing Amlogic-ng on an S905x box (Nexbox a95x) and with every start, i get a new MAC adress for this device.

Try the latest nightly, this should be fixed.

I cannot use my device if HDMI CEC is on.Therefore, I use the image dated 15-07-2020.
My device Beelink GT King Pro + TBS5520S

i have use the latest nightly build.

And this issue doesn’t occur on 3.14 kernel?

No, this issue is not on kernel 3.14

Please reboot and post dmesg | paste url

i have tested a w95 box and with this box, i have this error not.

and here the same a95x box with 3.14 nightly

No issues with latest NG nightly here (A95X Max). Rebooted 3 times and the MAC address is retained.

On my Mecool KM8 (S905X), running nightly, mac address does not change after reboot/power off.

The latest nightly 20200718 tested on S912 works very poorly. Keyboard actions are terribly slow. The firmware is useless and I had to reinstall the latest stable version 9.2.3

Thats very strange i have this error only with one box.
I have not this error with nightly 20200716 and 20200717. with this nightly, i have the correct MAC adress.

here is the dmesg from 20200717

The one before that is ok?

I will test previous versions to see when started the problem with slow keyboard response.