Nightly builds (NEW)

i have installed 19.3 stable and this stuttering problem is gone.

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Just installed 2308 nightly on VIM3, bluetooth dongle and keyboard works.

EDIT: Wrong topic, I have 20.0-Nexus

Strange. I rolled back to 22/08 and Bluetooth is working again. On 23/08 no Bluetooth adapter is found in coreelec menu and my remote does not work

There is something ongoing with other BT/Wifi devices. Maybe it will solve the issue on merging next open PRs.

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Latest nightly 2022/08/23 has broken Bluetooth adapter on vim 3 pro. No adapter available. Was working before this nightly.
Is it known issue or would you like logs?

On VIM3 both Wifi and BT works with nightly 2022/08/23.

On my X96 Max Plus wifi isn’t working anymore and doing downgrade i can’t get it to work on any nightly - was working tonight as update was downloaded. I will try to reflash tomorrow from scratches.

Bluetooth also broken on A95X Max (S905X2).with CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.5-Matrix_nightly_20220823.

Rolling back to CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.5-Matrix_nightly_20220822 resolves the issue.

What I did discover though was that on the initial load, if I am quick enough, my bluetooth devices are listed for a couple of seconds before seeing the no Bluetooth adapter is found message.

Will wait and see if it is fixed after merging next open PRs.


After updating to 19.5-Matrix_nightly_20220823 on N2, my Bluetooth is broken. Under Bluetooth settings, I get “No Bluetooth adapter found” error. I’ve tried all other USB inputs - no avail.

Anyone else experiencing this symptom?

I’m currently downloading nightly_20220822 and will revert back to see if bluetooth functions, again.

If not, then I guess my dongle took a dump. Will update soon.

Please disregard. After my post was moved to this thread, I realized many are experiencing this issue.

Bluetooth functionality has returned with CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.5-Matrix_nightly_20220824

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I had to put memory card with CE into box and after that wifi was working ok from emmc.

Hallo @Compent ,
funktioniert shutdown auf a95xmax und Nightly builds?
ich habe immer noch Coreelec 19.3.

No. The situation remains the same and I have been unable to get a debug board to work to provide the right information. Hopefully somebody else will have better luck.

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hello, maybe such an adapter like this can help with the shutdown problem for a95xmax

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I ran into an issue trying to jump forward to chapter points. For a over 2h video, jumping worked to around the 1h mark and at some point after that jump seems to occur but the video is not refreshed and nothing happens. Pushing a key on the remote to jump 10 seconds forward shows that the playback indicator is now back at 00:00:00. I think this part of the log covers this issue. Please let me know if you need something more to investigate this.

I updated my CE nighly to the latest nighly and I got an error when I started the Vontar X3. What can I do if I would like to use the CE?
Cannot initialize conversion from codepage 850 to ANSI_X3.4-1968: Invalid argument
Cannot initialize conversion from ANSI_X3.4-1968 to codepage 850: Invalid argument

Fresh Install :wink: