Nightly builds (NEW)

Hi guys , I’m very please with the latest nightly on my gt king and right now for my use I’m not find any playback and/or other issue .

The only strange thing is that It seems the auto update prompt does not show anymore , I’m on 03/01 nightly and even using custom channel I can’t find the new nightlies , am I missing something ?

Where did this image go?

@Erario when a new nightly gets built the previous nightly gets moved to the archive folder.

Cool thanks!
But I don’t understand why in the last night build I don’t find support for S905X3, or I can’t find the correct dtb for S905X3 4Gb 1Gbit anymore (filename sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit).

Did you download the amlogic-ng build? Since if you did download the right build that dtb file should be there.

Unfortunately if you downloaded the 20200110 build there is no right option since there was a technical issue that prevented the amlogic-ng build from compiling last night. so the build I linked to is the newest available build to support your device.

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I just tried the 20200108 build and my multi-channel audio issue is fixed, unfortunately the display is like this:

Is this a known issue? I couldn’t find anything that would fix this.

I refer to the slot itself. How fast can stand it?

It’s a known issue.

Go to Settings > CoreELEC > Hardware
and toggle the use_yuv_to_rgb setting. then reboot.

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Can i force kodi to convert hdr to sdr. I want to try something on my 65ru7402 and my s912 box

Yes, in Settings → System → CoreELEC you can select the HDR-to-SDR mode (it’s set to “Automatic” by default) and the reverse.

In my experience it’s still much worse than plain SDR, even if better than without the conversion.

Like i say i have s912 box not ng and i dont have that option

Thanks @cdu13a, that did the trick!

@Doktor-X sorry, dunno, S905X2 here.

Exactly the same problem as me, Also using a Xbox tuner, but i have an N2. For me i have tried every possible configuration, just constant dropouts and pauses, by using exoplayer it seems to pause then pickup again, but using vlc it just drops out.

Live tv for me is just unusable at present. Ive just stopped using it for now.

Have you confirmed that all is ok at 9.2.1 as sonofdibnah said? Xbox tuners are prone to failure if the signal gets weak. Tvheadend and tuners are a bit sensitive to some changes and you should keep them as stable as you can.

No it does it in 9.2.1 to. It’s never worked properly.

Maybe I should try a new tuner?

In nightly 20201010, CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng disappeared. So whether
can be continue updated? Or which image should be used?

Pretty sure it’s been mentioned already somewhere, maybe another thread - the NG version failed to build, so 0108 is the current NG nightly.

Yes, new nightly builds are available already.
It was just build system issue for one ng build.

Same here with “Tictid TX6 Plus” (s905x3 4g/ 64g/ gigabit/ bluetooth).

I agree with you about the sensitivity of the Xbox tuners. I know I’ve said that everything is Ok for me on the latest stable version but it was windy here yesterday. The result of this was that TvHeadend was unusable with channels locking up very frequently, pixelation and distorted sound. My TV’s internal tuner, connected to the same aerial, had no such problems. High winds have stopped and all is well again.

If I’d not seen this for myself I would not have thought it was possible for there to be such a difference. To be honest, I’m backing away from TvHeadend a bit for day to day watching.