Nightly builds (NEW)

Hi. Using the 19th Feb on 905x3. I have a lot of of interlaced videos from my old UK camcorder. Being the UK, they have the reversed field order to the USA. They look aweful. The wrong field order was not a problem I expected in 2020!

VLC for android does not have the problem. They have been around long enough to check for it.

You able to upload a sample of one of them?

I think WOL its break.
Can someone test?

Broken for me too as you know. Hopefully it’s not our box and can be fixed in the future.

i’ve just setup the nightly build as i have an x96 air, s905x3, all booted fine after realised didn’t have the support in release, but once booted, i cannot use my remote, is this something to do with CE or is it a fault that doesn’t show in android with the remote?

Did you search the forum? Not sure if this works.

thank you, i missed the part about configuring the remote, all working now

You use Hyperion.NG? If yes this reboot after resume from pause should be fixed in tomorrows nightly.

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i’m not sure if it’s something that’s been resolved in the next nightly, but I had a problem where you turn off the device using the turn off device option and after a short while it’s back on and running again, like it’s gone on a little longer reboot rather than shut down

Device you have? N2? Or another with bl301 injected?

Here is a link to my UK interlaced file

Yes, I use
That is very good news, thank you!

For so old 576i h264 material it possible that software decoding will be better.
You could choose in Settings->Player->Videos:
Accelerate h264 -> HD and up

i’m using x96 Air, S905X3, 4GB/32GB, bored etc shows as franklin, running CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-nightly_20200219-Generic.img

no one facing that problem?

Updated to 20200221 NG (A95X Max) and was pleasantly surprised to see support for the MT7668 WiFi/BT Module.

I can confirm that WiFi works, although there is no BT adapter seen.

I’m not sure if it because there seems to be a number of MT7668 chip references that may perhaps require different drivers. MT7668 RSN is what is in the A95X Max.

Great work as it did seem that a driver was not available :smile:

Android Kodi doesn’t have the problem, just like Android VLC doesn’t. For the time being I will use Android Kodi for my Home videos. They do not need HD audio passthrough. I need Corelec for movie rips for that reason.

@Compent I have been working with a few users on the WiFi and BT issues that some users had and a number of chipsets have been fixed within the last week.

Yes I’ve been following that thread but did not want to double post and as it was something specifically noted in a nightly build, I thought that this was the best place to give feedback.

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@Portisch I can confirm that with the last nightly, CoreELEC no longer restarts after a playback pause. Thank you!!!