Nightly builds (NEW)

Ok, it says

'Warning, your device tree is out of date. Please update it to resume normal startup…"

Then the countdown.

I see this in my device trees folder:

…seems up to date to me?

Try to again update with last nightly version and check if this message is still present on next reboots.

Done (i.e. installed this latest nightly over itself) - this is the 05/05 nightly - there’s nothing newer right?
Have tried several reboots, persists.

What you get if you run this command in ssh terminal?

sh /usr/bin/dtname


Can you post dmesg please? Just run and post url you get.

dmesg | paste
journalctl -l | paste

No worries (dmesg) (journalctl -l)

Ok, I can confirm the issue and will be resolved. Thanks for the cooperation.

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Awesome, and thank you!

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Please try next nightly.

All fixed here, thanks again!

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In the last few versions not switch the resolution of Kodi via the web interface. A dialog box appears for confirmation after confirmation will the original resolution. But the resolution does not switch.

In the last Versions there is a tearing while watching video for a long time (mostly it appears after more than two hours).

At first the lower part ist a small line at the bottom of the screen then the bottom part grows (screenshot)
It does affect the gui too. The Output resolution is 2016p@50Hz, turning the GUI scaling on/off doesn’t make any difference. (dmesg) (journalctl)


I have one problem related to CEC - when it is on then OSD for sound is not showing up at all - no Volume up/down or mute. When it is off all is working the way it should. I can send log file if needed but should be easy to reproduce. Android box connected directly to Panasonic TV and then ARC from TV to Denon AVR.

On latest build and few before hevc seems to not work on 4k+, I’m loathe to downgrade to an older version as I have new set of addons that wotk with python 3. Is this a known issue? It doesn’t work at 1080p as well as 2160

You don’t specify what the specific symptoms of playback are and what device you are using.

Is the video going out through any external equipment?

If you are using new Inputstream Adaptive v.20.2.0 then it’s a known issue

ISA V20.2.0 is for Nexus, V19.0.4 is for Matrix.