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Agreed, I will see on this side, thank you Portisch. But regarding visual artifacts (during subtitles, and during windowed trailers), what can I do? (I had this problem before installing this Skin)

Someone use a LePotato with CoreELEC on a 3840x2160 monitor ?
I’m stuck since long time on a older version. I can use LePotato in 1920x1080 with latest release just some 4k movie not start and stay on a black screen. When I change my resolution to 3840x2160 only mp4 work all other return me a black screen 2k/4k movie. Someone use LePotato ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Could CoreElec be ahead of Kodi and incorporate this feature ? Or does it just depend on the Kodi team ?

First at the media need to support it, second kodi must support it, third hardware (SoC) must support it, fourth kernel need to support it…

But maybe one day as 8K is just going to die and the devs get more time for such items :wink:

As indicated in the comments, beyond the media, it is above all the interface that would benefit from it, independent of the media.

  • For transfers 60 fps (graphical interface) → 24fps (movie).
  • For the responsiveness AND the fluidity of the interface.

But there’s no rush, we’ll wait for Kodi. Thanks.

My priority is to fix the occurrence of these crashes and visual artifacts. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I do not understand anymore. I even get errors when I try to upload my error logs, even this function throws errors, “Failed to generate log” :

Update your addons/skins:

Hi @Portisch,
I followed your recommendations, and unless I am mistaken, everything is up to date.

However, the artifacts/tearing when the player’s OSD appears persists independently of the Skin.

As well as the crash on the advance of chapter, on some films only. (The last Crash took place at 9:52 p.m.)

you still have non compatible addons running. look at your log, it’s full of errors. when you have fixed them all you can try again. we are not the author of your addons.

this is the worst I think:

2023-01-15 21:43:39.745 T:945     error <general>: GetDirectory - Error getting -
2023-01-15 21:43:52.854 T:943     error <general>: GetDirectory - Error getting -
2023-01-15 21:43:54.585 T:943      info <general>: ADDON: Dll Destroyed - SACD ISO support
2023-01-15 21:43:56.413 T:869      info <general>: VideoPlayer::OpenFile: smb:// 1/TELECHARGEMENT/Échantillon Test - American.Horror.Story.S11E01.SUBFRENCH.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H264-FRATERNiTY (1)-001.mkv

This addon do crash whole system, also kernel get a oops.

Thank you for your answer @Portisch
I did what you said. I uninstalled a lot of addons that I don’t think are essential, and in particular SACD addons, then restarted Kodi. Unfortunately I managed to reproduce the 2 bugs.
11:00 p.m.: presence of artefacts at the appearance of the OSD on the AHS sample.
11:02 p.m .: Crash on the progress of the chapter of the film “Everything Everywhere all at once”.

I redid the tests on the very last version of this day. But same results. :confused:

On the Log, there is this mistake that often comes up. Do you know what this is ?

ERROR Get hdmi para by vic

Latest nightly on ng….when I press reboot, it only restarts Kodi, doesn’t do a reboot. Odroid N2

No log, no problem.
We even do not know if ce-20?
Ce-19 is final

Woohoo! Kodi got bumped to 20.0 final in today’s nightly 01/17. Also the sorting inconsistencies v9 → v19/20 got addressed with an interim commit.

Hi, as far as I’m concerned, I filed a log. ^^
Sorry to sound insistent Portisch. I think I got rid of all bad addons, and my system is up to date. I would like to know if you have other avenues to explore ? Do you have a Vim4 on your side ? If so, do you encounter these bugs ?
16h50:55 : Presence of artefacts at the appearance of the OSD on the AHS sample
16h51:42 : Crash on the progress of the chapter of the film “Everything Everywhere all at once”.

Sounds to me like a clean install is your best bet. Get it working nicely and backup the mess about with all the skins and stuff, personally don’t bother much with skins and see no artifacts.

Thank you for your answers. Be aware that these two bugs appeared before I installed a Skin. And how can I do a clean install without losing everything, all my settings (remotes, menus, OSD, Covers, etc.) ?
Restoring from a recent backup obviously does not change the problem. Do you recommend that I reset everything to 0 ? It’s months of work. Do you know an alternative ?

We are mostly sure most of your issues will solve by itself when you setup from clean install without restore a backup. You might have something in the backup cause these issues.

And use only add-ons/skins fully compatible with Nexus!

On fresh setup try again and again when issues start to happen. We can only solve issues what we can reproduce and not issues caused by unknown reasons by restore backups.

In the long run, there is no alternative. Either you bite the bullet now, or you will have to deal with all kinds of problems.

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Can you just try a clean build to see if the problems persist? And if they don’t just include something like the skin to check for any problems? Step by step, just part of the environment you have in the backup. If you’re lucky you may catch the culprit.

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Can you not use different media for clean install?

Like USB flash drive boot from.

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  • But is a full reset = clean install ?

  • If I start again at 0, I would like to know if I should always put my “advancedsettings.xml” file which allowed to increase the definition of Covers and Fanarts. 6 years ago, these were severely limited in definition. It was necessary to put this file to obtain Fanarts in 2160p and Cover in 900p. But what about today ?