Nightly builds (NEW)

I cannot use my device if HDMI CEC is on.Therefore, I use the image dated 15-07-2020.
My device Beelink GT King Pro + TBS5520S

i have use the latest nightly build.

And this issue doesn’t occur on 3.14 kernel?

No, this issue is not on kernel 3.14

Please reboot and post dmesg | paste url

i have tested a w95 box and with this box, i have this error not.

and here the same a95x box with 3.14 nightly

No issues with latest NG nightly here (A95X Max). Rebooted 3 times and the MAC address is retained.

On my Mecool KM8 (S905X), running nightly, mac address does not change after reboot/power off.

The latest nightly 20200718 tested on S912 works very poorly. Keyboard actions are terribly slow. The firmware is useless and I had to reinstall the latest stable version 9.2.3

Thats very strange i have this error only with one box.
I have not this error with nightly 20200716 and 20200717. with this nightly, i have the correct MAC adress.

here is the dmesg from 20200717

The one before that is ok?

I will test previous versions to see when started the problem with slow keyboard response.

Nightly for S912 test

20200712 - good
20200714 - good
20200715 - good
20200716 - not tested - only available for amlogic-ng
20200717 - not tested - only available for amlogic-ng
20200718 - very bad - useless - keyboard actions are terribly slow

So there could be differences in set-up/addons that could potentially affect things?

So maybe create a fresh build to sd card/flash drive and boot with no modifications or additions and see if you get the same result.

Only differences since 15th July Amlogic Project related:

This is the Kodi change (cec related)

I tested my USB keyboard remote and my wired USB remote and both worked just fine in my S912 VIM2.

I also started to see different MAC address on every reboot (Le Potato). I believe this and this commits are the problem.

Upd: reverting those 2 commits fixed the MAC for me.

I have also tested it with a fresh install. In this case i have seen that with nightly 20200718 the MAC problems come.

Good.That helps to eliminate a lot of potential issues and will narrow down diagnosis.