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I hate when this happens. I have a different issue I can never catch the issue when debug is on. I’m happy to look at it but only logs would help doesn’t matter if it’s my own or your issue.

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Will try to catch it… Thanks!

Can I know in which step the NG version changes the device bootloader? With my Phicomm N1(S905D) device, the bootloader can boot both the NG and non-NG versions directly. But once I boot the NG version, I’m not able to boot the non-NG version. I checked the bootloader and there is some preboot steps changed by the NG version. I did a check with all the startup scripts but couldn’t find anything changing that. Is that change in the kernel?

Applied 20200823 update to A95X Max (S905X2) and noted that the shutdown option, that resulted in a reboot being performed instead has returned following seemingly having been eliminated in stable.

I don’t need a solution as I already have a fix to replace the DTB with an older version that works, so will just apply this on each update.

So just something to note in case others who may come across the same issue can be aware of.

ok, so i have s912 box and after update to 20200823 from 20200730 my ftp access is not working im runnig filezilla server on windows 10 pro os this is log from filezilla

(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - (not logged in) (> Connected on port 9999, sending welcome message…
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - (not logged in) (> 220-FileZilla Server 0.9.60 beta
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - (not logged in) (> 220-written by Tim Kosse (
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - (not logged in) (> 220 Please visit
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - (not logged in) (> TLS connection established
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - (not logged in) (> USER xxx
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - (not logged in) (> 331 Password required for xxx
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - (not logged in) (> PASS ********
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> 230 Logged on
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> PBSZ 0
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> 200 PBSZ=0
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> PROT P
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> 200 Protection level set to P
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> PWD
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> 257 “/” is current directory.
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> PASV
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> 227 Entering Passive Mode (195,154,165,139,222,166)
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> TYPE A
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> 200 Type set to A
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> LIST
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> 150 Opening data channel for directory listing of “/”
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> TLS connection for data connection established
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> 226 Successfully transferred “/”
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> PASV
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> 227 Entering Passive Mode (195,154,165,139,231,207)
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> LIST
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:15 - xxx (> 150 Opening data channel for directory listing of “/”
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:16 - xxx (> 450 TLS session of data connection has not resumed or the session does not match the control connection
(001802)27.8.2020. 20:09:16 - xxx (> disconnected.

going back to 20200730 build all is working fine

Is still the right Custom Channel to use for updates? For months now using that, I get a blank pop up when using the “Available Versions”. I don’t like auto updates, so I have that set to manual. In the past using Available Versions would show me the latest updates/nightlies, but not for a long while.
I’m using latest Stable.

The URL you posted is the right one and it’s still working flawless for me.

hi to all.
Please tell me,

Where i can turn off/on at compilation such a parameter, which is designated as “Adjust display refresh rate” in the kodi? I don’t mean the appliance.xml file pice of code:
<…setting id=“videoplayer.adjustrefreshrate”…>

This is turns on/off somewhere else.

Welcome to the forum.

No. I need to enable / disable when compiling
this parameter, So that in kodi it cannot be changed.

Then just don’t touch it.

I’m talking about who can tell in which file on github I can change this by default?

Are the nightlies on a bit of a break? Latest is working well, no issues, just an observation.

No break, just hasn’t been a lot of development recently. Between things being in a pretty good state, and remaining problem, possibly needing a lot more time to sort out then some of the developers have at the moment. I know for my self that I have had some major upheavals in my offline life, that have been keeping me away from doing as much as I would like.

Fair enough, I think most things have shut down, in my part of the World anyway, so no surprises there. Take care.

Hi, which nigthlies are for S905X2 (Ugoos X2 Cube)?

You are asking for the dtb.img ??

I ask which file from here is proper one:

Your Hardware has an S905X2 Chip which uses ng CE images.

New install CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-nightly_20201006-Generic.img.gz

If you already had previous CE installed you would manually update using

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Thank You!