Nightly builds

I got at least 2 other Mecool K2 Pro (S905) with the same problem, after compile done from latest git.
I would assume on the last commits a lot of changes were done to unify s905 units, and etc … it looks like something hard changed.

I’ll try to compile from source again and check too … but I’m almost 99% sure it started to happen after this

… also not sure, but i would assume this


add OOTB support for IR remote

IR_REMOTE_KEYMAPS="$IR_REMOTE_KEYMAPS odroid wetek_hub wetek_play_2 tanix kvim kvim2 minix_neo tanix mecool a95x"


when moved in new source, those minix_neo mecool a95x are missing at [projects/Amlogic/options]

Space separated list is supported,

    DRIVER_ADDONS="crazycat_aml dvb-latest"	    DRIVER_ADDONS="crazycat_aml dvb-latest"
   # add OOTB support for IR remote
    IR_REMOTE_KEYMAPS="$IR_REMOTE_KEYMAPS odroid wetek_hub wetek_play_2 tanix kvim kvim2"
   # build with entware installer	  # build with entware installer
    ENTWARE_ARCH="aarch64-k3.10"	    ENTWARE_ARCH="aarch64-k3.10"

This is likely but without logs there is not even a point mentioning it here :wink:

Are you sure you have a dtb.img?
I’m asking because we had a multidtb inside the kernel.img but this was removed and only the additional dtb.img is read.

Tried to upgrade from a previous nightly (installed from scratch) and stable version, but does not show any unusual message (different from other installs), no error messages. It finish the upgrade, reboot and stuck in the amlogic logo bootloop.

Tried to install a self-compiled one too, same result.

On the installations from scratch I double checked I’m using the correct dtb. Using toothpick method makes it enter directly into the bootloop.

Now looking into making a serial cable to get those uart logs… At least I’m having fun :slight_smile:

S912 device upgraded from previous nightly and everything is good, no issues. I don"t know what happened to your box.

Yep VIM2 upgraded fine as well.


where did you get the latest build for vim2?


It was up there in the nightlies. I find that the Coreelec tool is always a few versions behind so I always use a manual download of the TAR files.


I have a suspicion whats wrong. Thanks for reporting this. Let’s see if I can fix it.

Vim2 can be updated with S912 tar.

Looks like is down. Hit a 404. Temporary?

@epikurus Try this:!Q0x3XAyA!HZzyDSY696uR1fG137p437scSL0ebosKmTEXQPI6XeU

Can anyone tell me if you’re experiencing issues with Netflix? Beelink GT1 (S912). I can’t play videos from Netflix plugin (stream doesn’t start).
Looking at the plugins, all is good, except the inputsream.adaptive addon, which is still in version, when the latest from master (Git) is 2.3.11. Anyone knows why I can’t update inputstream.adaptive directly from CoreElec repos?

Netflix Plugin Errors:

Additionally, I’m seeing a crashlog on restart. Here’s the log:


Because it haven’t been updated yet. This is nightly so you can’t assume everything is always up and running.

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I’m not assuming or complaining @Ray . I’m reporting, as asked to the community.

So, since inputstream.adaptive version is the same as the main branch, I assume it’s an issue with the Netflix addon then.

I’ll report it to asciidisco in the meantime.



Reported here:

It’s probably due to a more recent Kodi in the nighties.

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Just downgrade to v0.13.18. :crazy_face:

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Actually, I just found out the 0.14 beta :blush: AHAHHA

Updated to CoreELEC-S905.arm-9.0-nightly_20181123-S905.img on an A905x (S905) and got a boot loop too. :frowning:
Well off to rebuild the SD card.

Nobody bothers to test my test build :frowning: