Nightly builds


I can’t find a recent commit, which could causing these issues.
Which was the last version without these sound problems?
Would you please provide a log of your system while playing a file with ac3 stream?


This commit fixed the ac3 audio issues:


Looks promising.
I would wait for the next stable release of CE, which includes Kodi Beta1v2.


I compile my own builds and I can confirm that commit fixed it.


Should also be included in the next nightly (build currently in progress).
Here is a snippet from the changelog:

  • kodi: update to Leia Beta 1 v2 (Matthias Reichl) (Sun Aug 26 13:50:42 2018 +0200)


Thanks @ relkai .
Now Dolby sound works fine.


Today I pimped the changelog on the nightly website (see first post) a little bit:

  • added the abbreviated commit hash
  • each line is linked to the corresponding commit on GitHub
  • visual clean up


Are the binary addons only rebuilt at the time of official releases?


To my knowledge, the binary addons in the CE repository are being updated regularly and not only during an official release.


Link off
trying to download


Which link exactly? Everything seems to be working here.


server is not responding
can be a problem here in Brazil.


Strange… I can guarantee, that the server actually is up and running just fine.
Could you try a proxy or VPN service?


Well my friend
Now everything works as before
Thank’s for your time.!!
I used VPN :scream:


There’s a regression bug between 8.95.1 and relkai_20180903.

With 8.95.1. I get all of my Philips TV available resolutions/refresh rates.
With relkai_20180903 I only get refresh rates 50, 59,9 and 60 Hz.
With 8.95.0 I had the same problem with limited refresh rates.

If in doubt, I blame it on something to do with Kodi core.


Maybe it was the kernel version bump in 20180903.
Did you have the same problems with the 20180901 version?

You could try the next nightly, which is currently being built (quite large changelog - take a look at the nightly website).
The S905 image should be available in about 2 hours.
I will also try to reproduce this problem on my Samsung TV as soon as the new images are ready.


I just installed the latest nightly and all resolutions and refresh rates supported by my Samsung TV are visible.


I can confirm this, refresh rates work as expected with this nightly.


I have just installed the latest nightly. The only thing that voids me to use my 912 box as daily driver is a big delay in sound playing DD+ soundtracks.
The German version of Infinity War has the original, English soundtrack in DTS-HD MA 7.1. That plays fine. The German track is Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 with a delay of about 500 ms.
There is a setting to correct the delay in kodi, but this is a general setting and would also influence the tracks that plays fine.


S905x CoreELEC 8.95.2 DD+ Delay (async)

Do you have the same problem with 8.95.1?
On my S905 box (Wetek Hub) I don’t have this delay in E-AC3 streams.