Nightly builds


Hello relkai

Do you have the same problem with 8.95.1?

I have never run 8.95.1 on my M8S Pro L (LB)
I have started with Libreelec 8.2.x.x from SD-card and then changed to Coreelec 9.0 beta on eMMC.
I going to figure out how the logging works. Maybe i am able to see something in the log.



Now i am on the latest official 8.95.2. in eMMC and the delay while playing DD+ tracks is still there.
Where is the right place to address this issue?
Somewhere i have a title with Atmos inside a DD+ Stream. I am going to check this later.


Just create a new topic within the following section and attach a full debug log of your system while playing an E-AC3 stream:



Thanks for the build arm-9.0-nightly_20180915. Odroid C2 + USB T2 Geniatech T230C2 + CrazyCat drivers - TV works fine.


I am running nighlies on my VIM2 with TVH , onboard tuner and a SAT > IP feed. On the latest build …915, I am getting very erratic playback with LiveTV through Tvheadend whenever the Kodi box is doing anything else in the background. Very jump and pixilated and many pauses. The strange thing is that HD files on the local HDD play just fine. This seems to be a problem that has crept in within the last few builds as I don’t recall it been a problem on 8.95.1
Quite often I am also getting lock ups on channel switching.
I have also noticed that after the first channel switch after a fresh reboot the GUI drops down to a very low quality whenever it is superimposed over the top of a live feed.

There seems to be a big regression within the player over recent builds - I would almost say it has gone back to how it was in the very first Coreelecs and would guess that it is dropping out of hardware decoding after the first channel switch. Will have to work out how to bring up the codec whilst the problems are experienced.



Could you please check your refresh rates white list?
I had the same problem after I activated the 25Hz modes (since the white list was introduced the first time).
The playback was very choppy and had a bad visual quality. Since I only allowed 1080p 23.997Hz/24Hz/50Hz/60Hz and all 4K resolutions/refresh rates, the playback quality is great and smooth again.


Will give it a try, but the whitelist was setup and working on previous builds. I used the self reporting in the setup files as my template. Will report back when I get a chance.

I did notice that some adverts seemed to play fine between the glitchy programs which may point to a switching issue.

I may try rolling back to 8.95.2 to see if the problem persists, and then keep on rolling back until the problem clears. Risky as I suspect this may break other things.



Yes, it would be interesting, if you have the same problems in 8.95.2.
Switching back shouldn’t cause any problems, because the database version didn’t change.
But please create a backup before downgrading.

Also a debug log should give us some hints to what is happening on your box.


Using the “o” key it says its decoding with hardware (aml-mpeg ), but then shows the codec as ff-mp2 - which I believe is software decoding.

If this is the case then there has definitely been a sever regression as I changed absolutely nothing else and all options are set to hardware decoding always. I read about someone else experiencing similar problems.

Roll back it is then.



That’s strange. I’m also using TVH (but with HTSP instead of SAT>IP) and everything is running smoothly on the latest nightly.
Could you please post a debug log while playing live tv before downgrading?
If this is really a problem of one of the latest commits, it would be very helpful for the devs to take a look at it, so they can fix it in a later version.


Going to do a roll back and then a fresh install of the nightly with a restore of my TVH server and client to see if I can duplicate the fault and will then post logs.


Update: reverting to 8.95.2 seems to cure the issues I was having.

Will make up a new USB to re-test …915 and report back with logs.


A fresh install with the backup of my TVheadend addons does not seem to suffer from the same issue as the upgraded version - so there will be no logs to show what went wrong. Possibly it was the dvb drivers issue ?



The dvb drivers issue was already fixed in the last nightly version. I‘m also sure, that your live tv would have stopped working completely.
Anyway, I‘m happy, it‘s working for you, now.


The nightlies were moved to a new location.
See the first post for the new URL.

If you are still using the old URL as a custom update channel, it will keep working, because all requests will be automatically redirected to the new URL.
But you should consider updating the custom channel URL to the new one in the future.

Thanks a lot @adamg for providing a new home for the nightly builds.


I read something in the changelog about NFS support being dropped. Do I need to do something to keep my NFS-based shares?


It’s only the legacy nfs support in busybox for kernel versions < 2.6.23.
nfs 3.x/4.x support was moved to the kernel instead, so no need for busybox supporting it as well.
Therefore your existing nfs shares will keep working.


Might be useful for people to know we have setup gitweb to view all of the CoreELEC changes, I find it easier and faster to navigate than GitHub.


Sorry for the bother, but another quick question: Is this fix already incorporated in the nightlies?

Enumerating items like music genres still seems to take much longer than necessary.

Thanks again for your much appreciated build service, @relkai !


You are welcome @HeresJohnny. :slightly_smiling_face:
In the next nightly the Kodi package will be bumped and this patch should be included.