Nightly builds

E-AC Transcode is used for formats that cannot be simply passed through, such as AAC and FLAC. In order for that to work, the Channels settings should be set to 2.0.
All other formats like DTS, DD and the HD formats should work just fine.

I’ll try some settings tomorrow for playing some trailers from Dolby Atmos ( I had no trouble playing them with C2 with the same settings that I’m using for N2. There is something that I can do to help like writing the output of my tests/settings ?

It does not matter if you used the same settings on the C2 or not as that is totally irrelevant, the C2 runs a different kernel and the support is absent from the N2 kernel.

Follow the instructions that have already been given to you.

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with channels at 2.0 I have sound :slight_smile: I try DTS, AAC 5.1, DTS-MA, 4k with VP9, so far everything works for me

In current nightly build included a fix for red/green lines issue for S905W and S912 boxes

If somebody choosed “disable deinterlace” than you can disable this setting and try to play without it.

No ng object for 5/21 today?

Ok, I just have to ask, the suspense is killing me…
How the heck do you fix audio stuttering just by bumping the version?

Because we have a kodi fork in git.

Last version had an issue and kodi didn’t build that’s why no nightly. Next one will work (I hope).

Thanks for the update on both counts. Fingers crossed for tonight!

Hi, I have the following problem. I use the nightly builds on a Odroid N2. Very good performance, thanks.
I use Logitech Harmony for the control (selection remote is C2, because N2 does not exist, but I think they are the same anyway). I can control everything, but (I think since 10days) I cannot start up the N2, drive down is no problem.
Is there something that I can do to make it work?

I solved such a problem with my N2 + Harmony 650; simply transferred Power on/off IR codes from original remote control to Harmony.

Thanks, that does also fix the issue that it did not install 9.02 from the nightly :blush:

Hi, what is the difference between “ng” and not ng version ? Thank you.

ng version right now is only for Odroid N2 box.

Ng = next generation

Thank you :wink: so I can’t use it with S912/S905X

No, you can’t. There’s also no point.

Last time I looked there was a Le Potato DTB file in there, but that doesn’t work yet.
So they are/were thinking in terms of getting it going on those at least. Is that never going to happen?

It’s on the todo. But you know with every issue on N2 there is never time working on Lepotato. There is some work (non-public) where Lepotato can boot 4.9 kernel into Kodi but there a a few little issues but this has no priority right now.

No biggie, I do actually have a Le Potato board sitting in the back of a drawer. Maybe find a use for it one of these days and run the latest version if and when it works.