Nightly builds

That’s my problem too. I got this new toy N2 and I lack motivation to work on the Lepotato. Maybe when I get bored. There is really not much missing.

Yeah the N2 is amazing piece of engineering, really impressed with it. Makes the Potato look rather boring.

I’m working on having the Le Potato and other s905/s905x/s912 devices working on the 4.9 kernel.
I’m currently waiting for an s912 device to test with and for development on the 4.9 kernel to slow down a bit, before I continue working on this. There is so much activity going on with N2 and improvements and changes with the 4.9 kernel that it makes it difficult to get much work done for the older devices.


What about 5.x kernel, any thoughts or even work on that?

It currently miles away from feature parity. It is not hard to do builds for this but you like soundless Mediacenter for N2?

Meaning, in present state it’s excellent only for silent movies? :slight_smile:

when these 4.x kernel images for S905D are available I’ll be happy to test!

Or watching porn in public places :smiley:


I periodically do builds with the mainline kernel for internal testing. For the older devices it takes a nightmarish number of patches, just to get it to work and have just 2/3rds the functionality of the vendor kernel. For the S922x it is an even worse situation with mainline.

I follow the upstream kernel work very closely and they are doing great work, and making lots of progress. However upstream kernel work is one of those situations where slow and steady wins the race and there is still a good distance left to go.

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I’m just happy to have the the 4.x kernel in the next gen nightlies. Offers support for newer devices like later model ATSC tuners. I’m not there yet with live TV but would like to expand my Kodi functions beyond media stored on the network. It’s a big project for me with TVHeadend and such. Would like to replace my cable company DVR with IPTV at some point, but I’m not finding that an easy thing to do.

I realise this has been discussed previously (I wasn’t using nightlies at the time), and I’m sure I’m not going to win any popularity contests here, but:
If the coreelec settings are set to manual updates nightlies should not update automatically.
If you insist on automatic updates this should be made clear in the addon gui.
No other kodi version I’ve used (ever) has forced updates. Not windows, not android, not Millhouse builds.
It should be the user’s choice or at the very least the user should be informed.
As it is, since I want control of my system, I can either block the update channel on my router, edit service.coreelec.settings (which I ended up doing) or not bother with nightlies.

By all means set the default on nightlies to automatic update.
Bring up an annoying pop-up on boot if someone’s disabled updates.
Ignore logs that aren’t from the latest nightly.
At the very least don’t have a gui that says updates are set to manual and then ignore that.

I appreciate that you want people on the latest nightly, but there are better ways to do it in my opinion.

It really sounds you want your cake and to eat it too.

The CoreELEC team has stated that the price of using nightlies is that there will be automatic updates — otherwise they’re not “nightly”. That they have the time and dedication to release on a near nightly schedule is impressive to begin with.

Regardless of how much stability there is in these builds, in developer parlance nightlies are considered “unstable” builds. You shouldn’t be using them if you want mission-critical stability, which is why you have to manually enter the nightly repository. You are making a choice to use unstable builds.

And hey, a planned nightly reboot is far better to me than an unplanned kernel panic happening every day. If that’s the worst we have to deal with running nightlies, I’m not complaining.

I don’t like the nightly updates either, but it’s what we have to do if we want to be early adopters using the N2 with CoreELEC.

The devs need everyone to be on nightlies to move forward, otherwise they’d be in version hell trying to figure out which bug occurs in which version. I think I can suffer with it until there’s a stable version. I’ve actually not had any notable issues due to nightly updates, things seem pretty stable already for me.

BTW the build process is automated on a schedule so the nightly build always comes at the same time, I think it’s midnight GMT which makes it late afternoon for me on Pacific time.

I’m sorry you feel that way. I really helps us. I promise we work carefully not to include experiments. For the NG builds I do daily testings.

The issue we see generally that most people that encounter issues with nightlies don’t report them and just return to an early version, or they don’t update and issues can’t be fixed.

I know that this sounds like users being treated as guinea pigs but how else can we find issues? I created a Thread a long time ago “Help wanted” and 98% were people that wanted to test.

I am open for discussions. Maybe we could introduce weeklies or something.

Whatever you guys want to do is fine with me, as long as we get a stable version eventually. Daily or weekly, whatever you need.

I want you to make it clear in the gui that even if you specify ‘manual’ coreelec will automatically reboot.
Anything else is not cool, frankly.

I’ve already said I have 3 options to avoid reboots. It’s not about me, or cake.

It is your choice to install nightly isn’t it. And it is your choice to return to a stable build.

I think if you set default to ‘automatic’ and prompt every reboot if a user’s changed that the vast majority will update. No other nightly builds have a forced update. I’ve used Millhouse LE builds for years, and I update when I get around to it - but if I come across an issue I’ll update to the latest and check before getting a log.
It’s obviously your choice to force updates or not - at the very least the addon screen should reflect that though, so [people know what they’re getting.,

You seem to be arguing for not liking frequent updates under the guise of semantics. You’re using unstable builds; it should be expected that things will not always function as labelled.

Kodi still uses hooks with “XBMC”. Does that mean we should keep calling it that until everything changes?

I’m all for a nice big warning included in the CoreELEC settings plugin that says nightlies will auto update regardless of your selection. I might just create a PR for that later today. If only to stop complaints about unstable builds not acting just like stable ones.