Nightly builds

Yes, I was just saying that something similar happened to me. The NF addon and InputAdaptative have so many options and versions that everyone has a different experience.

sure, I’ll update and check. thanks for your help.

Same here … had to manually update today.

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We just switched to a newer kernel version and initially had a problem with GUI artifacts.
That was fixed, and auto update will be enabled again.


When is this fixed?

Latest nightly?

Yes, the nightly should be good.

thanks you

Just for information, the 2308 update didn’t solve the framerate issue seen when streaming Netflix in fHD.

Check the temperature of your box while you watching Netflix and have this issue

never reached more than 62°C (about 25°C in the room) ; when idle, temperature reported by the kernel is around 50°C

Just for test try to clean install latest nightly CE on different SD card, use dtb from nightly image and configure Netflix only and check if you still have this issue.
We couldn’t repeat this issue

return {}

  • does the chanel change or method ?


ok, I did that.
I had to manually reinstall the version 0.14.6 of the add-on (0.15.0 is not working but is the default version now). Unfortunately, the issue of framerate remains and the temperature remains the same (50->59°C).
It might be InputStreamAdaptive related, I don’t know.

I have GT-King, last nightly CE, and my temp about 66-68°C with 4K HDR, and 70-71°C with netflix 1080p. But never go in main use, under 62 °C…

What version of “inputstream.adaptive” are you using ?
What is your internet speed on the box ?

Netflix is working fine for me with latest nightly (20190824), Netflix v0.15.0 and InputStream Adaptive on ODROID-N2 with 1080p SW and DDP audio… I’ve only tested Mindhunter S02E01 and Money Heist S03E01 though

1000/300 Mbit/s optic net. Home workgroup: GBit network . Inputstream: Netflix: v0.14.6

From where did you download v0.15.0, I cannot find it ? Latest I have is v0.14.6.

Use the repository so you get auto update…

All working fine for me too, but the temp littlebit high. Not just in netflix, but generally…