Nightly builds

Hi Sholander. As I said pulling the plug did bring it back BUT the point is that it brought it back to the 11/9 nightly when the stuck boot logo was stage 1 of the update to the 12/9 nightly- you know the bit where the file decompresses etc.

If you are running nightlie 0911 and have allowed an update to 0912 to download then go into updates folder and dump it. Do not allow an upgrade from 0911 to 0912 to happen as this will bork your system. If you are on 0911 refuse upgrades until this is resolved.


I updated version 20190912 by OTA (GTK and GT1). but now only the coreelec logo. then black screen. why?

There is an issue with nightlie 0911 which prevents further upgrades. Have you got a backup to roll back to ?
If you restore a backup you can then update to 0912 without issue, your just need to leapfrog over 0911.


I’m just going back to stable till this is resolved. Had it on 0911 and 0912 now. SD card unreadable on PC too

Hopefully a reformat of the SD will bring it back. The SD foundation formating tool is the most reliable way to recover corrupted SD’s.


Yeah I’ll be using it. Disappointing that I reported the behavior after to 0911 version and it wasn’t really taken much notice of. Now it’s a big issue in 0912.

It was my fault and I’m sorry to all of you :frowning:

You owe me a beer. Actually no, it’s great software and you develop in your spare time so thanks and hope it’s easy to fix. I think I’m just over setting up screen config for third time in 2 days!

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The problem has been fixed in the latest nightly, but it is not possible to automatically update to a different image automatically with the previous build.

No apologies needed as far as I’m concerned vpeter. These things happen.

It’s not clear to me: If I’m on 0911 what should I do? If I put another nightly tar in update folder that won’t work?

Is the only solution to set up new SD card from scratch?

If you go into Coreelec settings addon and look at information it should tell you the version you are on. The 0911 will be the last four digits of the descriptor string.


ok, so i’m on 0911 - does that mean the only thing i can do is set up new SD card, no other solution?

Be sure to make a complete CE&Kodi backup. After a fresh install and recovering your backup you are back to your system in a matter of minutes.

Of course there is another solution.
Download build 0912 or later on your PC. Unpack the content, put SD card on your PC and copy files from unpacked tar to SD card. Kernel files must be renamed:
KERNEL.md5 -> kernel.img.md5
KERNEL -> kernel.img

Same problem on my S912 and pulling the power twice did the trick for me too and things revert to 20190911

I think that last nights update should be temporary pulled.for the time being as I am still being prompted to update.

There’s no problem with latest nightly, the problem is with the 0911 one. People who don’t have 0911 can update safely to 0912. People who are on 0911 can follow vpeter’s or Sholander’s indications.

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Will people with 0911 be able to update normally to the next update or should they deem the manually copy method a requirement in order to move forward to future releases?

How annoying!! I’ve been avoiding the nighlies for the past few months, staying only on stable.

But then I decided… hey let’s risk it! So I installed nighly 0910 for the first time. And next day its broken.

Funny coincidence!