Nightly builds


I had the same problem, TvH HTSP client not working.

I am now going back to & restoring a backup.


All PVR addons need a rebuild for the latest nightly.
This is already in progress and the addons should be available later today.


It is not. I am actively selecting the shut down option. Not causing the unit to sleep.


did it ever work for you? I mean did it break with a new release?


I have only had it for a few weeks, so I have only tried it with the last few new releases.


some addons are not compatible with this version
from KODI.
TVheadend error.


This is my answer!
The answer to my problem
Thank you.


@erbas @bubblegum57 @sv_ce

Until we sort out the nightly repo, here are all the PVR Addons for the latest nightlies. You can install the addons you need manually. (7.8 MB)


There is no TVheadend.

#150 - can’t reach this page.


The server seems to be down.


this is client tvhendend:
this file is in archive file.


I was pointed to a fix for the power on issue. Seems there is a known Uboot issue with the A95x units running the s905 cpu.


That makes sense. We do not touch u-boot. But our developer Portisch made some nice changes to u-boot. But it’s not being used yet in our builds.


The binary addon problem should be solved in the next nightly (20181108).
We have a nightly addon repo, now, which doesn’t have the compatibility problems anymore.

Right after the first boot you probably need to manually update your addons to replace the stable repo with the nightly one.


what to do exactly after booting the newest build? I can not find a nightly repo.


It’s still called “CoreELEC Add-ons” but contains newer versions of the PVR add-ons.
Go to “Addons > Install”, press left and select “Check for updates” from the left menu.
You should be able to install the needed pvr add-ons from this repository then.


00:16:09.928 T:3882509104 ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[pvr.mediaportal.tvserver]: The dependency on kodi.binary.instance.pvr version 5.10.3 could not be satisfied.

CoreELEC-S912.arm-9.0-nightly_20181108.tar breaks MediaPortal PVR addon, trying to reinstall it from the CoreElec repo i get the above message. Getting the higher version one from here works fine


I assume you didn’t see the instructions from my post right above yours.
If you follow these steps, exactly this version is being provided in the “CoreELEC Add-ons” repo.

#160 is provided by the repo i had to manually download from the link i gave above