Odroid C2 and internal DVB tuner possible?

Having read this thread Odroid N2 and internal DVB tuners and this one on the odroid forum https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?t=34217#p250981 I was wondering if the same thing could be achieved with a C2.

I have my VTV Board and C2 already connected according to what @taki suggested on the odroid forum. The thing I am missing now is a DVB enabled devicetree.

Maybe the pros here can help me with that?!

Regards, StM

It seems that vTV Board is for Khadas and you have an Odroid, am I wrong?

Sorry I can’t help you because I use USB tuners

The vTV Board is originally built for Khadas Vim2 but you can connect it to N2 and possibly C2.

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