Odroid N2 and internal DVB tuners

This topic is about support for connecting DVB tuner to Odroid N2 Expansion Connector

I choose three variants:

  1. Mecool K-series internal DVB tuner
  2. Wetek WP2 internal DVB tuners
  3. Khadas VTV board

Mecool uses in K-series dettachable internal DVB modul supporting DVB-S2/T2/C. Following picture shows my first testing setup.

For first test I used NiMH accu to provide 1.2V power, now I replaced it with 1.2V voltage regulator (AMS1117 1.2V).
This board need 1.2V, 3.3V, 5V and 12V. On Odroid 40 pins expansion connector is only 3.3V and 5V. For 12V I soldered wire direct to power connector and for 1.2V I used AMS1117 1.2V voltage regulator connected to 3.3V pin. Following diagram shows wiring.

For safety doublecheck power connection, otherwise you can damage Odroid N2 power circuits.

Second board is WP2 removable dvb tuner.

The connection is very similar to Mecool K-Series dvb tuner, only little bit dfferent wiring.

Pin numbering:
I tested only DVB-S/S2. The DVB-T2/C should be also working.

The last option and I think the best is Khadas VTV extension board.

For 40 bucks you receive DVB board with RC and own power supply. As a bonus on VTV board is optical SPDIF connector, you need only connect one extra wire.
Board is connected to Odroid N2 only with 7 wires, you don’t care about power connection as the board has own power supply.

Boards are supported in the latest nightly CE builds for Odroid N2 in dvb drivers addons (crazycat or dvb-latest), you need also use right dtb (g12b_a311d_odroid_n2_dvb.dtb).


good job afl1. can you try tsin_b. s922x support twin ts interface. look one tuner ok. can you try twin tuner (2 vtv board, 2 mecool tuner. 2 wetek tuner or mixed vtv+mecool or wetek)
Tsin b
Gpiox8, 9, 10, 11
One tuner for watching secon tuner record or streaminodroid n2 one tuner.pdf (174.1 KB)

Driver is ready for dual tuners, only dtb’s are missing. I’ll add them later.


Big thanks
We can use

Can we use WeTek Play- extra twin tuner DVB-S2 price (13 usd )


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first, thank for the job of coreelec. this tunner that i have in pc [DVBSky S960 V2], will work in N2??


This thread is about internal dvb tuner connected to Odroid N2 Expansion Connector. DVBSky S960 is external dvb tuner connected via USB. It shoud be supported in dvb drivers addons (crazycat or dvb-latest). CE for Odroid N2 uses the latest version dvb drivers addons.


Thanks for the info.

i am waiting N2 yet, greetings and my congratulations for your work

No. only WP2 tuners.

ok only wp2 tuner

As Wetek Play 2 is discontinued is it possible to use the one from the new Wetek Air?

Are you read previous posts?

Yes I did, I just don’t see the point of supporting a non existing product so I thought they could be compatible somehow, or even the same. Sorry to bother you

Can we connect a TBS5580 or TBS5520 USB tuner?

This topic for only hw demuxer transponder stream interface. Crazycat driver add on must be works with usb tuner

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how is it possible to connect two DVB boards?

Yes. The latest nightlies support two dvb board in any combinations. I had no time publish pinout for connecting second board. Also there is new dtb g12b_a311d_odroid_n2_2dvb.dtb.

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sounds nice so far…
so its possible to work with 2x dvb-s

TBS USB tuners are supported in crazycat dvb drivers addon.

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ya i know but the addon boards are cheaper than the usb tuners