Odroid C4: Installing CE to eMMC via SD card


I am trying to install CE to the eMMC module via SD card.

The SD card is installed, and I am able to get CE up and running on the C4. However, I’m not able to use the installtoemmc script as Odroid C4 is not a supported device.

Am I SoL or is there another way to do this without buying a eMMC adapter?

Appreciate any help.

The main problem is to boot CE from SD while emmc is connected. Download the C4.img.gz and gunzip it on your /storage.
Mount /flash rw and edit boot.ini adding:

sleep 30;

Here: https://github.com/CoreELEC/CoreELEC/blob/coreelec-9.2/projects/Amlogic-ng/bootloader/Odroid_C4_boot.ini#L30

It will give you a 30s delay to hotplug the emmc to the board. Beware that this might damage your boars emmc so it’s on your own risk.

Once it boots CE from SD you will see that there are 2 mmc block devices. You can use dd to flash the C4.img to the correct mmc block device. Don’t use the wrong one or you will wipe your SD cars.

Good luck

What I use:

  • SD card with coreelec and ssh enable
  • emmc installed on C4
  • method 3 from https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?t=37425&p=278010 with replacement of image link for C4
    If emmc is empty or for another device (mine was with ubuntu for xu4) C4 will boot from SD.
    I clean emmc before writing CE but I do not remember the procedure.

A better guide here: Copy core elec from usb to sdcard

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