Odroid C4 not starting with remote

I recently bought an Odroid C4 to run CoreELEC and paired that with a WeChip G20s remote. When I want to turn the TV and Odroid off, i can just press off on the remote, but to turn it on i need to use the TVs remote, and that turns on both the TV and the odroid. Is there a setting in CoreELEC to enable USB to turn on or remote power on?

Well ypu have several ways to start it from AO (always on) mode. Most common and working are CEC and IR. If you have a original HK remote it will work out of the box. If you use a third party remote as you do you need to collect the IR code and change some settings manually. There are several instructions in this forum so try to use the search. If your remote doesn’t send an IR keycode I don’t think there is a way to wake it by an usb interrupt.

This thread may help you:

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