Odroid N2 and internal DVB tuners

The Xbox tuner works with drivers from latest kernel. You can use tvheadend server and client.

Thanks, exactly what i have already set up ready to go. Just gotta read up how you actually use it.

Question, can you select recording destination? Would like to use my 8tb hdd.

And i assume i would need 2 units two record two channels, not that im that interested in that at present, just getting it up and running.

You can configure in tvheadend the recording destination and yes, you need more than one to watch one channel and record another (if they are in different muxes).

Ah thats grand, well pick it up tomorrow so will be nice to have a play.

Would be great to have everything running on CE with having to flip channels and whatnot.

Ok tuner installed, tvheadend installed, but i cant access it from pc, just says refused to connect, is there anything i have to do to engage it?

What does tuner installed OK mean ??
TV Headend what ?? Client or Server ??

Yes sorry my fault forgot the server doh

Thank you for help guys, for my single lnb setup you convinced me to use internal tuners instead of usb ones :slight_smile:

@afl1 You recommend Khadas as the best board. Is it only because of ease of installation (7 cables). Or does the external power supply influence performance as well?

From the images I see that Mecool requires external AA batteries and WP2 tuner doesn’t?

Finally, can you recommend me an European reseller for those internal tuners? I only found https://www.powerplanetonline.com/khadas-vtv-carte-extension-dtv-compatible-series-vim2

You can read the topic and decide for yourself (afl1 is on vacation). I have a vtv (use it for dvb-c though) and it’s a quality board as you could expect from Khadas. The site you mentioned I think is trustworthy and the price is the best you can find outside special promotions (even then it’s a very good price). You can see it’s cheaper than bought directly in Khadas site or AliExpress store.

I’ve got Khadas board in front of me. How on earth do I solder a cable onto the pogo pins?

Have you tried to use Dupont cables? Or maybe use a heat shrink sleeve as afl1 seems to have done?

Only Odroid N2? I wonder can i use mecool dvb tuner with NanoPC-T4? Here is pinout and information about hardware.


I have a tuner wetek play 2, and already tried to make a link like what is in a photo in this forum, can someone give me a more detailed scheme of links. Thank you

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You should continue in the correct topic. Here you can find the scheme in the photos. It shows which pin is connected in both sides. You can try with female-female dupont cables. In hardkernel forum you’ll find a similar topic and try there also.

OK Obrigado

De nada. If you need more help just say. If you look closely to afl1 post he shows the pins numbers of the wetek tuner and you just have to follow the image that shows which pin connects to the gpio pins in the N2

Yes yes I tried to follow his picture but my doubt is the ams 1117 link. Since here in Portugal was difficult to find this current transformer. Either I don’t understand the scheme, or I have the connections switched, because in the N2 gimp everything is fine.
Obrigado na mesma,

But did you find it? I think the scheme is pretty straight forward the only question, as you say, is the pins in the tension regulator. You have to connect one to the 3.3v pin in the N2, gnd/gnd and the 1.2v pin to the pin nr 12 in the wp tuner. Can’t you go to the electronic shop where you bought it and they can point out the correct pins in the regulator?

Hello, Can I use another 12V adapter for the mecool tuner?
So I don’t have to solder on an odroid?

Would something like this work? https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?&id=606296121780 Its quite cheap so it would be nice if it worked