Odroid N2 HDD Speedtest


I have a USB 3.0 hard drive connected to the Odroid N2 to test how fast I can send a 1 GB file over the network (LAN).
and I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed

The top speed was 2.5 Mbit / s
does it happen that I use an SD card instead of Emmc?
Emmc is currently in operation elsewhere

Would be nice if a few people still share their speed

CoreElec - 05052019
Emmc or SD Card
Speed Max - 2,5Mb/s



What would you like to test?
Ethernet or USB speed?


@kampfader, can you describe how you performed your test?
Was this a file copy under the File Manager?
A linux file copy from an SSH session?
When copying files you always have to be careful which end of the connection you are testing. For this reason you commonly try to make the end you are not testing as fast as possible to minimize its effect on results.
For example, if you are transferring your data out from the test system to another, you might direct the output on the uninteresting destination to a RAM disk or /dev/null to minimize its impact.
Similarly, when you are testing the destination, you try to eliminate the source contribution by using a source RAM disk or /dev/zero.
Doing both tests is particularly useful when you have a performance problem but you don’t know whether it is at one end or both.


I assume you mean 2.5MByte/sec? If it was actually 2.5MBit/sec you’d REALLY be having problems.

Even at 2.5MByte/sec it sounds like you’re sending to / from a Wireless N device on a very congested network.

I get rock steady 23-25 MByte/sec (about 200MBit/sec) both ways over Wireless AC to / from my N2’s USB Hard Drive. (via my router - Wifi from router to PC, wired from router to N2)


I have a Mecool KIII Pro with S912 processor with a SSD hard drive (USB 3.0 box) connected to a USB 2.0 port and the speeds to copy a 1 GB file from disk to disk with the Kodi File Manager:

1 GB less than 54 seconds

Taking into account that in the copying operation the data passes twice through the USB 2.0 port (SSD-> USB2.0-> RAM-> USB2.0-> SSD), the average real speed of read / write is:

(1000 MB / 54) x 2 = 37 MB / s

That is, the speed is the maximum that allows a USB 2.0 port.


i check my lan cable and see, the lan is disabled :crazy_face: i connecting/enable now the cable

i copy one .avi file from and to box over “WinScp”, I have not tested any other way…

i have now these speed

From N2 --> PC = 36Mb/s
PC --> To N2 = 39Mb/s

this value is displayed to me in Winscp, I do not know if it should still be calculated
1 GB less than ~25 seconds


The speed is always determined by the slower interface.

In your case the slowest interface may be the USB port or the speed of the network. In theory, a USB 2.0 port has a speed limitation of 35 MB/s. Obviously the SATA interface of your PC’s hard drive has a very high speed and a hard drive too.


That’s much better. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have now switched to emmc (installtoemms) and have a rate of 80Mb/s


bin jetzt auf emmc umgestiegen (installtoemms) und habe eine rate von 80Mb/s