Odroid N2 OLED I2C / SPI driver

Can you share your driver please ?

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No, my project/driver has nothing to do with openVFD

My icons are actually just Text with a border around them so there are no icons to make, you just pass the draw function the text string and it takes care of the fancy border, it was much easier than creating separate icons for everything, the draw function supports bordered or inverted :smiley:

It’s written in Python and only of use if what you are creating is also written in Python, there are hundreds of SSD1306/SH1106 code examples on the internet. Once my code is a bit cleaner and I’ve finished a few thing I need to do I’ll be releasing the entire thing on github.


I’ll wait your release on github. No need to reinvent the wheel once more :wink:

Your icons and text are pretty good, Hope a 128x32 version :wink:

The oled will turn off when suspend, can it be always light?

One question , Is these oled pins conflict with dvb tuner?Odroid N2 and internal DVB tuners

My driver makes use of the SMBus python library and uses the hardware I2C on pins 3 and 5, there’s also a second hardware I2C on pins 27 and 28 but I’ve had no luck getting those to work, apparently they are shared with the onboard RTC so may need activating in the device tree.

I’m looking forward to your release

https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-n2/hardware/expansion_connectors :

Note that I2C-3(Pin 27/28) is shared with on-board RTC chip PCF8563.
So the GPIO feature on Pin 27/28 is disabled by default until you change Device Tree file.

Odroid N2 Oled Driver v0.1 has been released.

Source code
Release v0.1 zip

This addon has so far only been tested by me so I expect there are still plenty of bugs to squash :smiley: If you play a file, audio or video and don’t see the expected icons displayed then please post a Kodi log so I can see whats missing and add it.


just tried your release, the screen upside down, I modified the vfd.conf from vfd_display_type=‘0x1F,0x3C,0x00,0xFD’ to vfd_display_type=‘0x1F,0x3C,0x08,0xFD’,no change

this is my vfd.conf


My addon has absolutely nothing to do with OpenVFD or any vfd.conf files…

I created this thread to discuss my addon Odorid N2 Oled Driver but it seems to have been taken over by OpenVFD talk :frowning:

I will add an option to flip the screen for those users who have installed their Oled’s upside down :laughing:

also some bugs
Screenshot_20190511_185828 Screenshot_20190511_185915 Screenshot_20190511_185851

I have disabled openvfd addon

You’re absolutely right, and I apologize. I split the discussion of OpenVFD to its own topic.

What screen size is that and what chipset is it, SSD1306 or SH1106?

Have you opened the the addons settings and selected the correct screen size and chipset?

Much appreciated, I’d only get lost not knowing weather people where having problems with my addon or OpenVFD :smile:


Does 128x32 oled shows flag icons when playing? in my case, no icons

No icons on the 128x32. The screen is just too small to fit them.

I’m working on a flip fix, I’ll post an updated version soon.

Version 0.1.1 is now up and includes the ability to flip the display. Give it a try.