Odroid N2 OLED I2C / SPI driver

just tried your release, the screen upside down, I modified the vfd.conf from vfd_display_type=‘0x1F,0x3C,0x00,0xFD’ to vfd_display_type=‘0x1F,0x3C,0x08,0xFD’,no change

this is my vfd.conf


My addon has absolutely nothing to do with OpenVFD or any vfd.conf files…

I created this thread to discuss my addon Odorid N2 Oled Driver but it seems to have been taken over by OpenVFD talk :frowning:

I will add an option to flip the screen for those users who have installed their Oled’s upside down :laughing:

also some bugs
Screenshot_20190511_185828 Screenshot_20190511_185915 Screenshot_20190511_185851

I have disabled openvfd addon

You’re absolutely right, and I apologize. I split the discussion of OpenVFD to its own topic.

What screen size is that and what chipset is it, SSD1306 or SH1106?

Have you opened the the addons settings and selected the correct screen size and chipset?

Much appreciated, I’d only get lost not knowing weather people where having problems with my addon or OpenVFD :smile:


Does 128x32 oled shows flag icons when playing? in my case, no icons

No icons on the 128x32. The screen is just too small to fit them.

I’m working on a flip fix, I’ll post an updated version soon.

Version 0.1.1 is now up and includes the ability to flip the display. Give it a try.

Thank you !

Have you tried it yet?
Does it work ok?
What type/size displays do you have?

In service.py, aac is declared 2 times (lines 15 and 20).

Well spotted :smiley:

Not a breaking bug… but a bug non the less, I’ll fix it the next update I do, Thanks.

Awesome work @roidy I have one of these displays and will try this later.

Not tried yet. Will solder on Monday a 128x32 SSD1306.

0.1.1 flipscreen works.

Are you still getting the corrupted display issues you posted the images of?

yes, v0.1.1 did not fix it

@roidy you should be able to easily reproduce this if you have a SSD1306 128x64 oled, or even SH1106.
You can run these in 128x32 mode.