Odroid N2 & OpenVFD

A simply weld board


Edit I’ve put a CR2032 battery holder to the empty space for the RTC so it has a nice place not just hanging by wires…


@Pelican Is that DipTrace? I love DipTrace :slight_smile:
is this a PCB that you’d send out to be manufactured or will make yourself?

Yes, DipTrace. I want to try https://jlcpcb.com/ now

The addition of a spdif connector would pretty much put you at feature parity with the TV boxes.

Wow,Once you finished, Can you share your PCB file?

I agree with cdu13a, try to add a toslink connector, maybe we can figure out a way to somehow use the PCB to also hold/mount the OLED?
Maybe I can help you with it.

I’ve just ordered the first bunch with the battery holder on it.
And right now they sent an sms about it is in production now. :slight_smile:
If you solder the oled module with hard wire to this pcb it will hold it.

How much is the shipping? A 24 hour manufacture and shipping with DHL sounds like it’d take just a couple of days.

Shipping is about 30 USD but you get 20 USD discount at the first order.
I cancelled the order and put the toslink output pads on it.

Made an option to use pin 3, pin 5 (hardware I2C) too.
If it’s OK then I order it again…Shipping is 3-5 business day.

Next nightly build will include support for HW I2C, so you’ll be able to use pins 3 and 5 to connect the sda/scl pins of your OLED. You’ll need a new vfd.conf file, it’s already in the repo marked as hw_i2c.

OK, I will test it

Just updated to the last 0509 nightbuild, OLED works fine
But compare with software_i2c, HW_i2c lights the oled several seconds later.(about 3-5 second) when booting.
And with HW-i2c , in openvfd setting ,the brightness control works normally now.

The HW I2C driver needs to start before before the OpenVFD driver can begin using it.

0510 nightbuild , the oled lights much earlier.

Yes, a fix was added to make sure that the OpenVFD driver starts only after HW I2C is available.

Just bought two 128x32 0.91" oled displays, one is blue and another is white color. waiting openvfd addon to support N2 :grinning:

OK, lets get this topic to the top.

Got my Oled 128x32 0.91 display today. Works OK with your OpenVFD driver with “odroid-n2-ssd1306-12832-hw-i2c-vfd.conf”, and I have 2 requests, if possible :slight_smile:
Is it possible to have “7 segment font” as in Odroid N2 Oled Driver, which is easiest to read on such a tiny display. I know that you use icons, but they are completely useless on such a small display.
If that is not possible, can you change “crossed zero” with easier to see letter O. Since no letters are used there cannot be any confusion…

I used open source fonts for the driver.
To add another font option, I would need a 16x32, 24x48 and 32x64 versions of the font. It needs to be a bitmap image (not a TTF file).
I couldn’t find one that was completely free.
If you can find a font that has at least those 3 sizes, is free/open source, I’ll try to find a way to add it.