Odroid N2 & OpenVFD

12x24_0-9-F.BMP (12.6 KB)

16x32_0-9 -F.bmp (21.8 KB)

24x48_0-9-F.BMP (48.2 KB)

32x64_0-9-F.BMP (84.8 KB)

This looks really cool. Did you make it yourself?
The only issue with this, is that you made the characters in the size that I asked, but the size should also contain spacing.
You can see the fonts here to better understand what I mean. Currently I’m using the “Grotesk” font for OLEDs.

OK.I will take a look

Grotesk normal or bold ? Bold looks like it would be easier to read… Can you change 0 (zero) with (letter) O ?

I personally dislike when 0 is replaced by O.

I agree with @ozolli. TBH I really like this font the way it is.
It uses Grotesk, not bold. I highly doubt that bold would be easier to read. I think from a distance it’ll look more of a “blob” than the normal font.

Tried all possible combinations and the one that I find easiest to read on my Oled 128x32 0.91 display is 5x7 dot matrix font (on Odroid N2 Oled driver)

@TheCoolest could it possible to modify the vfd.conf file to use Arial_round_16x24 font?

Not really. The fonts are hard-coded in the driver.

Thanks, I see

I’ve designed a new PCB, with @Pelican’s great help.
I’m wondering if you’d be interested in it.

  • It has a tiny daughter board to mount the OLED easily at a 90 degree angle (with a right angle pin header on the main board).
  • It has SPDIF output using this jack. C1 = 0.1uF
  • It has a breakout to connect an SPI display.
  • It has a breakout for a second I2C header.
  • A header with 5V power.
  • A header for a power button with LED, like explained by HK here.




Wow, The PCB is awesome.

N2-SPDIF-OLED.dip (232.6 KB)

Here’s the PCB file. I can’t test it right now, but if you’re interested in giving it a shot here it is.
This small part
should be cut off, and it’s what you’d use as the 90 degree mount for the OLED.

no RTC battery mount?

I can add one, I’m just not sure that it will fit with the RAM and other components below.
Could you check if it would fit, as I don’t have a battery holder?

I think it’s no problem

Perfect, thanks! I’ll add a battery holder and post an updated design.

Is it better to move the small board to this area?

Yes, I’ll probably move it to make space for the battery.

Edit: It’s not finished yet. I want to add another mounting hole in the other corner, next to the SPDIF connector.



N2-SPDIF-OLED.dip (243.1 KB)